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“We’re No Angels” is certainly a relief from the mindless comedies of modern times. This 1955 masterpiece is well-written, hilarious, and totally clean. Certainly a welcome change of pace from today’s reliance on sex and bodily functions for jokes. “We’re No Angels” has few weak points, but they are easily overlooked by the witty dialogue, the strong screen presences of the actors, and by the situations themselves.

We’re No Angels (1955) Movie Data

We’re No Angels (1955) is Romance Comedy Crime Genres film which released in 1955. We’re No Angels (1955) supported by Peter Ustinov, Aldo Ray, and Humphrey Bogart. This movie has 1h 46min duration and rating around 7.5 star from 6,436 movie experts. Not bad.

We’re No Angels (1955) Short Storyline

Three Devil’s Island escapees hide out in the home of a kindly merchant and repay his kindness by helping him and his family out of several crises.

Actor Actress behind We’re No Angels (1955) Movie

Humphrey Bogart,Peter Ustinov,Aldo Ray
Director: Michael Curtiz
Writer: Albert Husson

We’re No Angels (1955) PLOT STORY

At Christmas, three prisoners – Joseph, Albert and Jules – escape from Devil Island to a French small coastal town. They decide to rob a store, to get some money and clothes and travel by ship to another place. They pretend to be there to fix the roof, but pretty soon they realize that the financial condition of the family Ducotel is not good. Andre Tochard, the selfish and mean owner of the establishment, exploits the family Ducotel. The three convicts spend Christmas night with the Ducotels and are so well treated by the family that they decide to help them. Their pet will help them to fix the situation.

Three convicts escape from Devil’s Island and arrive at a nearby French colonial town. Initially they plan to steal supplies and clothing from the local store, but they take a liking to the store owner’s family (more specifically his attractive daughter) and decide to stay and help them overcome many difficulties.

Joseph, Julius and Albert escaped prison on Devil’s Island. Loitering around the port, awaiting a ship to take them away, they decide to steal some goods from a merchant. Letting him hire them to repair the roof, they can take insight into the private life of his family. Isabelle, the 18-year-old daughter of the couple, is still unmarried and longs for her old love Paul, who is back in Paris. Felix, her father, is afraid of cousin André, who owns the shop and will fire him if there are no black numbers to be reported soon. A little later, Paul and André arrive on the island surprisingly – and are far less sympathetic than the family expected. But there still are Joseph, Julius and Albert. And not to forget Adolf, the little poisonous Viper Albert carries around in a basket constantly.

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