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This show is what happens when you let people write, act and direct about something they love. It’s all fun factor and none of the commercialized compromise. A show for gamers by gamers, that really puts you in touch with your inner child.So we have Brian D who is the main star of the show, and as it turns out as he’s playing just another run in a mil game and goes AFK the top gamer in the world gets on and demolishes his team. As he comes back he doesn’t realize who he’s playing against and sees a grenade on his head which he cleverly kicks back at the gamer and detonates winning his team the match, and humiliating Law(the top gamer). The show then goes on through a series of things that happen as Brian D gets invite into VGHS the school where you learn about every aspect of gaming, and without spoiling too much it just gets crazy from there. Bottom line this is exactly the kind of show that needed to be made, to prove once and for all it’s not about name brands and regurgitated actors. It’s about passion and commitment to making series about doing what you love, and let’s face it every gamer at one point or another thought about what it would be like to destroy the worlds best on national TV. 10/10 please don’t change a thing and keep it coming!

Video Game High School (TV Series 2012– ) Movie Data

Video Game High School (TV Series 2012– ) is Sci-Fi Action Romance Genres film which released in . Video Game High School (TV Series 2012– ) supported by Ellary Porterfield, Johanna Braddy, and Josh Blaylock. This movie has 42min duration and rating around 7.7 star from 11,238 movie experts. Not bad.

Video Game High School (TV Series 2012– ) Short Storyline

In a futuristic world where gaming is the top sport, a teenager attends a school which specializes in a curriculum of video games in each genre.

Actor Actress behind Video Game High School (TV Series 2012– ) Movie

Josh Blaylock,Ellary Porterfield,Johanna Braddy
Director: Josh Blaylock

Video Game High School (TV Series 2012– ) PLOT STORY

The story is about a down on his luck, young aspiring gamer. He has no friends. His cat hates him. His name is Brian. He loves playing video games. One day during a public match the number one gamer the “Law” arrives to do a little bit of showing off. Out of no where Brian manages to kill the “Law”. It’s like the shot heard around the world. Because of it and all the hype Brian gets invited to Video Game High School. It’s about a kid and all the troubles of high school but in a very different way. It’s a competitive gaming school. While attending VGHS Brian tries to make it to his dream of playing at the highest level of gaming. Along the way he develops a crush on Jenny Matrix, the JV FPS Captain.

Brian D is your normal gamer. He is passionate about his game and wishes with all his heart to go big league. He finally gets that opportunity when in a public match he is able to kill the greatest player in the world, “the Law”. It’s the shot heard round the world and the user name BrianD is instantly famous. His fame results in him being accepted into one of the most prestigious institutes of gaming ever established, Video Game High School (VGHS). But when Brian gets their he finds out that not everything at VGHS is fun and games. He not only is thrown into the world of typical high school drama of rivalries and teenage crushes but he also has to deal with VGHS’s top player and big man on campus, “the Law”, who since their pub match mishap is not to happy with Brian. We watch Brian and his friends Ki and Ted as they mature, find themselves, overcome obstacles, and reach checkpoints all it the fantastical universe of VGHS.

In a futuristic world where video-games are the number one sport and the top players are world-wide celebrities, average gamer BrianD is drafted into Video Games High School after he unwittingly kills “The Law”, the #1 player – in a public match stomp gone wrong. The series follows the events of Brian’s life inside VGHS as he tries to prove himself worthy, but he’s getting no help from his arch-rival, The Law.

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