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For Keloglan Kara Prens’e Karsi, I thought that, this movie is the worst movie ever made and in my whole life, I won’t be able to see another one this bad. But now I understand, I was totally wrong. “Dunyayi Kurtaran Adamin Oglu” is much more successful in being a bad movie than Keloglan Kara Prens’e Karsi. Now I think, as long as the Turkish film producers continue to make movies, I’ll continue to see unbelievably bad movies. The money, which I gave for this film was not much, but I feel sorry for my 2 hours spent for nothing. Yes, this movie is nothing. Please take my recommendation: Even if someone gives you money to watch this movie, don’t even think about it. I can tell you numerous reasons about why I like a movie. But for this one, there’s simply nothing to say. It was supposed to be a comedy film, but I didn’t even smile!! Come on guys, is the script writer an 8 year old boy or what? What were you thinking? The original cult film “The man who saves the world” was also a bad movie but at least it was funny, not boring. There were scenes, which one wants to see. But for this, there’s nothing to say. I assume that, this film is a bad joke for Turkish people.

Turks in Space (2006) Movie Data

Turks in Space (2006) is Sci-Fi Action Comedy Genres film which released in 2006. Turks in Space (2006) supported by Haldun Boysan, Berda Ceyhan, and Cüneyt Arkin. This movie has 1h 50min duration and rating around 1.9 star from 13,989 movie experts. Not bad.

Turks in Space (2006) Short Storyline

A family of Turks try to adapt to life in a new solar system.

Actor Actress behind Turks in Space (2006) Movie

Cüneyt Arkin,Haldun Boysan,Berda Ceyhan
Director: Kartal Tibet
Writer: Murat Boyacioglu

Turks in Space (2006) PLOT STORY

A family of Turks try to adapt to life in a new solar system.

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