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Over the credits, a car crash looks deadly for three people. Mature-looking high school teenager Emily Tennant (as Taylor Sinclair) wakes up in her bed. It was only a dream. Word up, it’s also a flashback. Two years ago, Ms. Tennant’s dad died in that nightmarish accident, along with another couple. In school, Tennant attracts cute, leather-jacketed transfer student Keenan Tracey (as Cody Williams). He drives an amazing 1971 Skylark, which is exempt from smog checks. Very quickly, both Mr. Tracey and Tennant’s other high school friends are victimized by a hooded Internet bully. This person seems to know all the dirt on everyone, and has embarrassing sex videos to share with the world. This all leads to tragedy…Tennant’s widowed mother is sexy super-detective Dina Meyer (as Allison). Eventually, mom will have stuff to investigate. Even without a bullet-proof vest, she may be invulnerable. The villain “TRUTH&LIES” can’t even give Ms. Meyer back pain. While handy in protecting her daughter, mom’s tactics are not politically correct. In fact, they’re offensive and illegal. For example, detective mom interrogates by threatening a suspect with rape or other physical abuse in a juvenile facility. If this woman knows an individual, presumed innocent, is about to be raped or otherwise assaulted, she should report it immediately. Instead, we have a character condoning the crime and using it as an interrogation tactic.*** Text to Kill (4/11/15) George Erschbamer ~ Emily Tennant, Keenan Tracey, Dina Meyer, Kurt Ostlund

Truth & Lies (TV Movie 2015) Movie Data

Truth & Lies (TV Movie 2015) is Drama Genres film which released in 2015. Truth & Lies (TV Movie 2015) supported by Keenan Tracey, Dina Meyer, and Emily Tennant. This movie has 1h 23min duration and rating around 5.0 star from 166 movie experts. Not bad.

Truth & Lies (TV Movie 2015) Short Storyline

Teens band together to investigate the source of anonymous messages that threaten to expose their secrets.

Actor Actress behind Truth & Lies (TV Movie 2015) Movie

Dina Meyer,Emily Tennant,Keenan Tracey
Director: George Erschbamer
Writer: Jeffrey Barmash

Truth & Lies (TV Movie 2015) PLOT STORY

Teens band together to investigate the source of anonymous messages that threaten to expose their secrets.

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