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THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE is quite and original and very funny movie. It mocks many horror film cliches that were so prevalent of the time, in particular low-budget slasher flicks. The story, which starts out in a video store dream sequence, features a cute blonde being chased around by a maniac. The store is obviously managed by a true horror lover. I had fun pointing out the many familiar box covers from back in the day that flashed on screen. Some of the more recognizable ones were THE MUTILATOR, EVIL DEAD, and MIDNIGHT. The ‘step’ feature on my DVD player allowed me to spot at least a dozen more that I couldn’t have seen on video. Anyway, the blonde wakes up and it turns out she fell asleep at the wheel whilst driving down a dark road in the woods. She subsequently crashes and is attacked by a ‘thing.’ For summer vacation, Nick, invites six of his teen friends (all in their mid-20s, but I suspect it was the director’s intention since it is spoofing horror films) to stay at his parent’s isolated home in the woods. They want nothing more but to relax, have fun, and engage in a little promiscuous activities, but after a ‘warning’, Mike, the know-it-all-horror fan (later ripped off in SCREAM as Randy) feels they should high tale their butts on out of there. The others waver it off as nothing, of course. Mike can be excruciatingly annoying at times, with his sarcastic comments and constant bitching, but he was right and his advice goes ignored. One by one they are slowly picked off by, what I best describe as, a radioactive amphibian-like creature with big sharp teeth and tentacles. It leaves a corrosive, sticky green slime wherever it goes, that in, one totally camp bit someone’s face is melted off. The monster also has mind control powers, too. What can’t he do!? Oh yes, it wants to eat the males and reproduce with the women. Yeah, you heard right. For the most part the acting is fairly good, though that Brazilian bombshell is almost incomprehensible as we can’t understand a damn thing she says. She looked nice though, as did the other women. We get to see them in various states of undress which is a plus for any movie in my opinion. Believe me, “THERE’S” does not stint on the nudie scenes; however, the violence is a bit tame and I had hoped for something a little more over-the-top, but I guess you can’t have everything. The first attack is pretty savage though. One of the lesser characters is walking through the woods with his Brazilian hottie of a girlfriend only to unexpectedly be torn to bits by our demon frog from hell. She bails and hits smack into a tree, knocking herself out (one of many comic scenes in this movie). The rest of the violence is also very tongue-in-cheek: Said face melting, a silly decapitation. All in all, “THERE’S” is a highly enjoyable ‘in the know’ horror-comedy. You have a good cast (with minor exceptions), slapstick humor, nudie scenes, and a really cool synth music score. Almost forgot, totally dig the main titles credit sequence. Take into consideration this is before the dawn of computer animation in motion pictures, it’s very impressive. See for yourself. The movie, POPCORN, would be a good comanion piece to THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE as they both deal with similar subject matter.

There’s Nothing Out There (1991) Movie Data

There’s Nothing Out There (1991) is Sci-Fi Comedy Horror Genres film which released in 1991. There’s Nothing Out There (1991) supported by Wendy Bednarz, Mark Collver, and Craig Peck. This movie has 1h 31min duration and rating around 6.1 star from 789 movie experts. Not bad.

There’s Nothing Out There (1991) Short Storyline

When a horror film buff tries to warn his friends of impending danger during March Break, they scoff at him, that is, until sinister things begin to happen.

Actor Actress behind There’s Nothing Out There (1991) Movie

Craig Peck,Wendy Bednarz,Mark Collver
Director: Rolfe Kanefsky
Writer: Rolfe Kanefsky

There’s Nothing Out There (1991) PLOT STORY

Seven teens head up to a cabin on the lake for spring break. Mike has studied all horror films on video, and recognizes the signs of foreshadowing of doom. The others dismiss his concerns as the workings of a person that watches too many videos, but there really is something out there, and the teens begin experiencing an attrition problem when they start stumbling into all the cliches found in a typical teen horror film.

When a horror film buff tries to warn his friends of impending danger during March Break, they scoff at him, that is, until sinister things begin to happen.

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