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The Last Seduction (1994) Movie Data

The Last Seduction (1994) is Crime Drama Romance Genres film which released in 1994. The Last Seduction (1994) supported by Bill Pullman, Linda Fiorentino, and Peter Berg. This movie has 1h 50min duration and good rating around 7.1 star from 16,824 movie mania. Very good!

The Last Seduction (1994) Short Storyline

A devious sexpot steals her husband’s drug money and hides out in a small town where she meets the perfect dupe for her next scheme.

Actor Actress behind The Last Seduction (1994) Movie

Linda Fiorentino,Peter Berg,Bill Pullman
Director: John Dahl
Writer: Steve Barancik

The Last Seduction (1994) REVIEW

This is the story of Bridget (Linda Fiorentino), a tall (5’7″), slender, throaty voiced brunette who cheats her husband (Bill Pullman) out of some drug money and runs for it. She heads to “cow country” where she hooks up with nice guy Mike (Peter Berg) and makes him her designated [BLEEP]. But when her husband comes knocking on her door intending to take back his money (and sends a series of guys after her) Bridget gets ready to kill him and set Mike up for the fall. Had this been properly released in theaters, it could very well have put Fiorentino on the map, maybe even gotten her an Oscar for best actress in the role of the femme fatale. I wasn’t exactly rooting for her, but she sure was compelling to watch and very sexy. And speaking of sexy, the film features some very powerful sex scenes that put just about everything we’ve ever seen in the James Bond films to shame. Oh what a Bond girl Linda Fiorentino would have made, and after seeing her stripped naked here, you’ll agree.

The Last Seduction (1994) PLOT STORY

Bridget Gregory has a lot going for her: she’s beautiful, she’s intelligent, she’s married to a doctor. But all of this isn’t enough, as her husband Clay finds out. After she persuaded him to sell medicinal cocaine to some drugdealers, she takes off with the money, almost a million dollars, and goes undercover in a mid-American smalltown. Because Clay has to pay off a loan shark who’ll otherwise damage him severely, he keeps sending detectives after her, trying to retrieve the money. When Bridget meets Mike Swale, a naive local who is blinded by her beauty and directness, she devises an elaborate, almost diabolical scheme to get rid of Clay once and for all.

In New York, the cunning and seductive telemarketing manager Bridget Gregory convinces her husband, Dr. Clay Gregory, to sell a load of cocaine for medical use to drug dealers. Clay raises US$ 100,000.00 with a loan shark and makes US$ 700,000.00 selling the drugs. However, she steals the money and flees to Beston, in Buffalo. She goes to a bar and has one night stand with the local Mike Swale. On the next morning, she applies for a job position of manager of an insurance company using the name of Wendy Kroy and finds that Mike works in the same company. The naive Mike has just left his wife Trish that he briefly married in Buffalo and needy of love, he has a crush on Wendy. The manipulative woman sees in Mike the instrument to get rid of Clay and plots a sophisticated evil scheme using Mike.

Bridget is a “femme fatale” who steals her husband’s money and leaves from New York. She meets Mike, who falls in love with her and they become lovers. But Mike has no idea about Bridget’s past and her plans to use him to get rid of her husband…

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