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The Born Losers (1967) Movie Data

The Born Losers (1967) is Action Drama Thriller Genres film which released in 1967. The Born Losers (1967) supported by Jeremy Slate, Tom Laughlin, and Elizabeth James. This movie has 1h 53min duration and good rating around 6.0 star from 1,670 movie mania. Very good!

The Born Losers (1967) Short Storyline

Billy Jack battles outlaw motorcycle gang in a small California beach town.

Actor Actress behind The Born Losers (1967) Movie

Tom Laughlin,Elizabeth James,Jeremy Slate
Director: Tom Laughlin
Writer: Elizabeth James

The Born Losers (1967) REVIEW

If you like Billy Jack, this is for you. Over 2 hours of a leading actress that can’t act, a leading man who stands still without expression, and an inane group of men who are supposed to be dangerous because they are slightly bizarre. Sprinkle in ten minutes of Billy kicking big donkey, and you have the formula.Tom Laughlin knew a winner when he saw one and would use the main elements of this film in all of his future Billy Jack movies. In later films, his real-life wife would take over the role of the leading actress that can’t act.This is a very low-budget movie. Future Billy Jack against the world movies had a couple more bucks. But true to form, as in all Billy Jack movies, there is no competent acting anywhere.Personally, none of this stuff turns me off of Billy Jack movies. In one movie, I see it for the gas station scene. In another, I want to see Billy put his right foot up against the guy’s left ear. In a third, I want to see him shoot it out.For an anti-war pinko, Laughlin sure knows how to create some nice fight scenes. If the man would have moved a few more times per pic, he would have been a major star. But his style is to stand around for most of the movie with a deadpan expression, and then finally kick some butt.The Billy Jack movies are a lot like chitlins, limburger cheese, or kim chee. If you like that stuff, you don’t mind the smell.This one stinks to high heaven.But it’s a Billy Jack stink.

The Born Losers (1967) PLOT STORY

A malicious motorcycle gang harasses the residents of a small California town, intimidating most residents to not report them to the police. Among the gang’s crimes is the rape of four young women. As the gang attempts to threaten the women into not testifying at the indictment hearing, one of the women, Vicki, comes under the protection of Billy Jack, who has also had several altercations with the gang. The gang escalates their pressure on both Vicki and Billy Jack to keep her out of the courtroom.

Billy Jack battles outlaw motorcycle gang in a small California beach town.

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