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A lot of people have commentated that Texas RANGERS feels like a straight to video film but I disagree and wish to point out that it seems more like a pilot for a TV series . The script and the way the cast play their roles certainly suggests this since we’ve got characters that seem anachronistic and could very well have become litery devices for a long running TV series . An example is of having one of the rangers as a black character , think about it he’s in a Southern state and he’s black ! What an obvious character to use at a later stage to explore racism . Unfortunately because none of the characters will be appearing in their own series this leads to a serious problem that many people have picked up on and that is there’s no character development . In fact this makes the entire film feel totally clichéd and unconvincing There are other serious problems such as the way the film uses an overlayed map every time the rangers move from one location to another . This happens in nearly every single scene without fail and becomes totally patronising after the first 20 times . No seriously I’m not exaggerating , if someone treks more than a few yards we see a soft focus overlay of a map come up on screen without fail . Perhaps the fact that the film was obviously NOT shot in Texas might have everything to do with this ? Anyone who has a vague notion of where Texas might be will be stratching their head asking what the rangers are doing in Montana . I’m also pretty certain that the creation of the Texas rangers didn’t happen as we’re shown here TR is not a film that will satisfy everyone and I have a feeling that it will satisfy no one . Western aficionados will dislike because of its inaccurate feel while DAWSON CREEK viewers ( Am I right in thinking that this is who it was marketed for ? ) will very quickly become bored with the clichés

Texas Rangers (2001) Movie Data

Texas Rangers (2001) is Action Adventure Drama Genres film which released in 2001. Texas Rangers (2001) supported by Ashton Kutcher, James Van Der Beek, and Rachael Leigh Cook. This movie has 1h 30min duration and rating around 5.2 star from 4,848 movie experts. Not bad.

Texas Rangers (2001) Short Storyline

A ragtag group of youngsters band together after the American Civil War to form the Texas Rangers, a group charged with the dangerous, ruthless duty of cleaning up the West.

Actor Actress behind Texas Rangers (2001) Movie

James Van Der Beek,Rachael Leigh Cook,Ashton Kutcher
Director: Steve Miner
Writer: George Durham

Texas Rangers (2001) PLOT STORY

Set after the American Civil War in the 1870s, ‘Texas Rangers’ is a story about a group of men determined to maintain peace and contain the chaos that is erupting on the Texan frontier. Native Americans are attempting to reclaim their land, Mexicans are pouring over the U.S. border, and renegade outlaws are tearing up the state, so the Texas Rangers swear to protect the innocent and their loved. To do so, they must be willing to maintain the peace where law enforcement cannot, fight while they are out-manned and out-armed by the opponent, and be willing to die for the freedom for which they fight.

The movie is set in 1875, a decade after the Civil War ended. During the war, the Texas Rangers had disbanded to fight for the Confederacy. At war’s end, they were not reformed and the Union Army was occupying Texas, charged primarily with defending the State from Indian depredations. In the movie, the Governor of Texas asks Leander McNelly to form a company of Rangers to deal with the banditry along the Mexican border. Most of his company of Rangers are young men, orphans for the most part and a smattering of veterans of the late war. Their prime target is the bandit King Fisher who is stealing cattle, burning ranches, raping, looting, pillaging and otherwise breaking the law.

A ragtag group of youngsters band together after the American Civil War to form the Texas Rangers, a group charged with the dangerous, ruthless duty of cleaning up the West.

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