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Taxi Number 9211 is a story of one day revolving between a taxi driver named Raghav Shastri and his passenger named Jai Mittal.The two are the exact opposites with strikingly similar problems in their personal lives. I watched Taxi Number 9211 today and to be honest it did not quite go well to my expectations.It’s not a bad movie or anything but in the end it would be known as a film which promised more but delivered less.But nonetheless a good watchable movie overall.I think the film was a bit rushed on to the floor without much work on the screenplay and scripting.The concept was a quite unique and different one from the Indian movie format though.The performances by the lead actors is good.The film is very good till the interval with lots of comic punches but tends to bore you as it progresses after the interval.And at one point the ending becomes very predictable and is very much like any traditional Indian movie ending(everyone lives happily ever after stuff).

Taxi No. 9 2 11: Nau Do Gyarah (2006) Movie Data

Taxi No. 9 2 11: Nau Do Gyarah (2006) is Comedy Drama Thriller Genres film which released in 2006. Taxi No. 9 2 11: Nau Do Gyarah (2006) supported by Sonali Kulkarni, John Abraham, and Nana Patekar. This movie has 1h 56min duration and rating around 7.2 star from 6,129 movie experts. Not bad.

Taxi No. 9 2 11: Nau Do Gyarah (2006) Short Storyline

A cabbie (Patekar) and businessman (Abraham) both in need of big money partake in a two-hour adventure together.

Actor Actress behind Taxi No. 9 2 11: Nau Do Gyarah (2006) Movie

John Abraham,Nana Patekar,Sonali Kulkarni
Director: Milan Luthria
Writer: Rajat Arora

Taxi No. 9 2 11: Nau Do Gyarah (2006) PLOT STORY

Raghav Shastri and Jai Mittal belong to two different strata of the society . Raghav is a hot-tempered , world-weary taxi driver who lies to his family about working as an insurance salesman . Jai is the heir to a sprawling business empire , your stereotypical spoiled rich man’s son . After his father’s demise , he leans that in his Late father’s will , all the property and business has been transferred to Arjun Bajaj , his father’s close friend . Jai challenges the will in court , saying that he possesses the original will safely sored away in a security vault . On the day of the hearing he hires Raghav’s taxi to take him to the vault building , constantly nags him about driving too slowly which leads to speeding and accident . Jai gets away from the scene and reaches his destination , only to realize that he has dropped his vault key accidentally in Raghav’s car . Raghav is arrested for the accident but not before he finds Jai’s key . Jai is desperate to get the key from Raghav , but wily Raghav refuses to comply . The duo begin a dangerous cat-and-mouse game which could either destroy their respective worlds , or make them see the world in a new light.

After being fired from 23 jobs in 15 years, Andheri-resident, Raghav Shastri, takes a loan from Tiwari and operates a taxi, but tells his Chawl-residing wife, Sunita and school-going son, Rishabh, that he works with an insurance company. At night he parks his cab 2 kilometers away from his residence, dresses up in a formal shirt and tie, and walks home. Grumpy, alcoholic and cranky, one day he has a run-in with an impatient, arrogant and wealthy passenger, Jai Mittal, contesting a widely publicized last will and testament of his late father, Shyam. Jai pressurizes Raghav to speed-up, resulting in a collision and subsequent arrest of Raghav by a Havaldar from Khar Police Station. He retains a vault key belonging to Jai which he refuses to return, and is held in a cell. While being transferred to Andheri Police Station, he manages to escape, and returns home – only to find that Jai has informed Sunita about his being a lowly taxi-driver. As Sunita and Rishabh prepare to depart for Nasik, he decides to teach Jai and his sweetheart, Rupali, a lesson that will end up changing their lives forever.

A cabbie (Patekar) and businessman (Abraham) both in need of big money partake in a two-hour adventure together.

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