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I just finished watching this film and I’m stunned…stunned. Morgan Freeman’s performance was the best acting I have seen in a long time. The passion he put into his character was raw and powerful. It had me going “Wow.” The movie was interesting- moments of tension. I did not think Christopher Reeve did a great job of his character- mediocre for cinema. He pulled it off well enough to get me into his character. Maybe his mediocre performance was who the character really was. There is no way of knowing the answer to this question. It could be either, or. Everyone you meet in the real world and in fantasy is not a dramatic, stunning personality. There wouldn’t be any room for people’s egos! Who says his performance was not true of the character. The character was who Reeve was.The message of this film is very true. Don’t lie. If you do make a mistake, if you lie, admit up front that you have. Otherwise, it’s likely your lie will come back times 3. This is a lesson we should all have to learn one day. I hoped this review pleased someone. Take care and have a joyous and peaceful life. Good bye, Chauncey

Street Smart (1987) Movie Data

Street Smart (1987) is Crime Drama Thriller Genres film which released in 1987. Street Smart (1987) supported by Mimi Rogers, Christopher Reeve, and Kathy Baker. This movie has 1h 37min duration and rating around 6.4 star from 2,043 movie experts. Not bad.

Street Smart (1987) Short Storyline

A New York journalist lies when his fake story about a pimp describes a real pimp up for murder.

Actor Actress behind Street Smart (1987) Movie

Christopher Reeve,Kathy Baker,Mimi Rogers
Director: Jerry Schatzberg
Writer: David Freeman

Street Smart (1987) PLOT STORY

Magazine reporter Jonathan Fisher, in danger of losing his job, promises to write a factual hard-hitting story of prostitution. But when he tries to get information from the subjects, he is ignored. So he ends up faking a well received story of a pimp, describing his life and crimes. But police think the story is of a real life pimp who is wanted for murder and start pressuring him to reveal the identity of subject in his story, and all he knows. The pimp the police suspect, also thinks the story is about himself, and wants to know what Jonathan knows, and who told him.

A New York journalist lies when his fake story about a pimp describes a real pimp up for murder.

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