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A Louisiana candidate for congress is caught up in a potential sex tape scandal. Murder follows and ghosts from the past emerge from the shadows.Perhaps the most interesting thing about Storyville is the fact that it was directed by Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost. But on the evidence of this he sure is no David Lynch when it comes to directing skills. This is overall a decent if slightly confused movie that is part political thriller, part courtroom drama and part mystery. The story itself seems unnecessarily convoluted, although it’s ultimately interesting enough. There is certainly a pretty good cast here. James Spader, Joanne Whalley, Jason Robards, Piper Laurie and an unrecognisable Woody Strode all add something.I would say that this is a good enough mystery film but there is no doubt that it promises a lot more than it ultimately delivers. When you consider just how compelling the central mystery narrative was in Twin Peaks it has to go down as a disappointment that Storyville doesn’t have more going for it in that area.

Storyville (1992) Movie Data

Storyville (1992) is Drama Mystery Thriller Genres film which released in 1992. Storyville (1992) supported by Jason Robards, James Spader, and Joanne Whalley. This movie has 1h 53min duration and rating around 5.8 star from 934 movie experts. Not bad.

Storyville (1992) Short Storyline

While investigating his own blackmailing, a young politician uncovers his family’s deep secrets.

Actor Actress behind Storyville (1992) Movie

James Spader,Joanne Whalley,Jason Robards
Director: Mark Frost
Writer: Frank Galbally

Storyville (1992) PLOT STORY

A young candidate for the senate is filmed with a hooker as blackmail. As he investigates, he discovers some family secrets involving his father and their political careers.

While investigating his own blackmailing, a young politician uncovers his family’s deep secrets.

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