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Something Wild (1986) Movie Data

Something Wild (1986) is Comedy Crime Romance Genres film which released in 1986. Something Wild (1986) supported by George ‘Red’ Schwartz, Jeff Daniels, and Melanie Griffith. This movie has 1h 54min duration and good rating around 6.9 star from 12,525 movie mania. Very good!

Something Wild (1986) Short Storyline

A free-spirited woman “kidnaps” a yuppie for a weekend of adventure. But the fun quickly takes a dangerous turn when her ex-convict husband shows up.

Actor Actress behind Something Wild (1986) Movie

Jeff Daniels,Melanie Griffith,George ‘Red’ Schwartz
Director: Jonathan Demme
Writer: E. Max Frye

Something Wild (1986) REVIEW

Sometimes you have to search high and low, but you really can find some interesting films made in the late 1980s. Though Jonathan Demme’s film is not perfect, it still brilliantly outshines most of the crud made back then. Something Wild is the study of two souls who seem to come from different worlds going on a crazy road trip full of sex, violence, and even a high school reunion.It all begins inside a tiny diner in New York City when openly free-spirited Audrey (Melanie Griffith) notices yuppie Charlie (Jeff Daniels) sneak out on paying his bill. She confronts him outside, and the two of them end up jumping in her car and taking off on a sunny Friday afternoon. At first it would seem that this trip across the state line will merely end in a sexual tryst in a cheap motel, but little does Charlie know, Audrey has all sorts of plans for him that weekend. After some serious hanky-panky, Audrey takes Charlie back to her home town, introduces him to her mother as her husband, and then takes him to her high school reunion. In a development a little bit contrived for this critic’s liking, one of Charlie’s co-workers also happens to be attending this reunion. This could potentially destroy the facade of the family man on a wild weekend that Charlie is trying to perpetrate. (at this point we learn his wife left him quite a while ago) Further complicating matters is the arrival of Audrey’s psychotic ex-husband, played with fearsome intensity by Ray Liotta. From that point on, this film which has largely gone for laughs, becomes rather intense and often violent.This film scores major points by absolutely keeping the audience guessing. At least until the third act when the film can likely conclude in no other way than it does. The film avoids making Charlie out to be a totally predictable sap who is just along for a wild ride with a crazy woman. Charlie has his own secrets, and a whole hidden side of his own that comes out when it has to. Demme places some marginally famous people in some truly odd cameos, and spends a little bit more time with peripheral characters than some people would. It gives the film a very “human” kind of feeling as we get to know at least a little something about even someone working as a waitress or at a motel. The film maybe meanders a bit here and there, but that is understandable since so much of it plays out like a road trip. The actors are exceptional, and the film is full of color and energy. Highly recommended. 9 of 10 stars.The Hound.

Something Wild (1986) PLOT STORY

The uneventful life of the businessman Charles Driggs suddenly changes when he meets the wild and sexy Lulu. When he accepts her offer to drive him back to his office, she instead takes him out of town and on a trip, leaving behind his old life. Posing as a married couple, Charles and “Audrey” (which turns out to be Lulu’s real name) visit her mother and her high school reunion. At this reunion they meet Audrey’s violent ex-husband Ray, who has just released from prison. When Ray makes it clear that he wants Audrey back, that is when the real trouble begins.

In New York, the yuppie newly promoted vice-president Charles Driggs meets the sexy and free-spirited “Lulu” after cheating a restaurant for fun. Lulu offers a ride for him in her convertible but she “abducts” Charles and they go to a motel in New Jersey, where they spend the night together. On the next morning, she heads to her hometown in Pennsylvania to spend the weekend with Charlie. When they arrive in her mother’s home, she discloses her real name – “Audrey Hankel” – to him and she tells her mother that Charlie is her husband. In the night, they go to her high school reunion posing as husband and wife. But Audrey’s ex-husband Ray Sinclair that has just been released from prison on parole meets her in the party. Audrey does not tell Charlie who Ray is and Charlie accepts Ray’s invitation to drink some beer with him and his date Irene. After a while, Ray becomes violent, he hits Charlie, and he kidnaps Audrey. But Charlie does not intend to give up on her.

Charlie is the main character. He lives a quiet suburban life and his wife has recently run off with his two children. He likes to live on the edge and tries to get out of paying a check at a restaurant. Lulu calls Charlies bluff and takes him on a wild ride that ends up at a high school reunion in Pennsylvanian. Lulu’s ex husband shows up at the reunion to reclaim his wife and decides to teach lulu and Charlie a lesson. The ex-husband is a violent ex-convict and Charlie learns what it’s like to live dangerously. The tete a tete between these two adversaries is well played and makes for a delightful story that is a good diversion.

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