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I guess we are all different in our tastes, and I for one don’t know the comedy rules as many of the people who write on here do.. Is it like inbetweeners? Not really and its definitely not like skins. It has its own atmosphere, perhaps I would say that inbetweeners was more bizarre with its scenes which led to laughing so much you can’t breath but on the laughter scale this is laugh out loud, I particular love the Ozzy Teacher and I think the acting of everyone is simply brilliant. All in all with any TV series you have to grow to love the characters, they are the integral part of the process that keeps watchers coming back and that’s why the shows mentioned above and others like Gavin and Stacy become so popular. I gave it 10 out of 10 because I have enjoyed every single episode there is always something new and exciting and its funny all the way through as well, which is important for a comedy and its not too silly like a bad education, its believable comedy and I for one enjoy dry humour the best, not stupid stunts and over the top jokes.

Some Girls (TV Series 2012– ) Movie Data

Some Girls (TV Series 2012– ) is Comedy Genres film which released in . Some Girls (TV Series 2012– ) supported by Natasha Jonas, Alice Felgate, and Adelayo Adedayo. This movie has 30min duration and rating around 7.7 star from 1,234 movie experts. Not bad.

Some Girls (TV Series 2012– ) Short Storyline

Girls struggle with relationships, friendships and teachers at school.

Actor Actress behind Some Girls (TV Series 2012– ) Movie

Adelayo Adedayo,Natasha Jonas,Alice Felgate
Director: Adelayo Adedayo
Writer: Hat Trick Productions

Some Girls (TV Series 2012– ) PLOT STORY

Girls struggle with relationships, friendships and teachers at school.

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