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One of the most important things about a documentary is subject matter. If you do not have an interesting topic then you will not only get the viewers but you won’t be able to keep them. The latest documentary film Side By Side does something a little bit different than most of this genre. It tackles a subject that those outside the industry may know nothing about but are affected by it nonetheless.Side By Side takes a tour through the history of filmmaking through the impact that the rise of digital filmmaking has had. Featuring an impressive list of filmmakers including George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez, David Lynch, David Fincher, Steven Soderbergh, Christopher Nolan as well as numerous industry professionals this film explores both the good and bad of this rise of the digital age through the creative eyes of those that make these films. For anyone that loves film this is a must see documentary. Not only do you see how it affected tons of different movies, but also how it changed the industry. With Keanu Reeves leading the charge interviewing the power house of Hollywood it delivers a different side of the world of imagination that we all love. In addition to getting a peek behind the curtain that audiences normally never think twice about, we are also given a look at who really had their hand in this evolutionary change and what films took these leaps. This is an effective film that works on many levels more than just a documentary on cameras. It tells the story of film processing, camera evolution, filmmaking, and a true chance for those that work behind the scenes to give their opinions and thoughts on this evolution, the good and bad.There are some very emotional responses here that really show the love these filmmakers have for what they do and will offer a great inside look and should give you a new respect for the process and creators as well as the films themselves. Some feel this is the end of true film while others feel this is the birth of unlimited creativity, either way this film evokes an emotional response both on the screen and from the viewer which is what film is all about.

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Side by Side (2012) is Documentary Genres film which released in 2012. Side by Side (2012) supported by Andrzej Bartkowiak, Derek Ambrosi, and Michael Ballhaus. This movie has 1h 39min duration and rating around 7.6 star from 11,679 movie experts. Not bad.

Side by Side (2012) Short Storyline

The documentary investigates the history, process and workflow of both digital and photochemical film creation.

Actor Actress behind Side by Side (2012) Movie

Derek Ambrosi,Michael Ballhaus,Andrzej Bartkowiak
Director: Christopher Kenneally
Writer: Christopher Kenneally

Side by Side (2012) PLOT STORY

Investigates the history, process and workflow of both digital and photochemical film creation. It shows what artists and filmmakers have been able to accomplish with both film and digital and how their needs and innovations have helped push filmmaking in new directions. Interviews with directors, cinematographers, colorists, scientists, engineers and artists reveal their experiences and feelings about working with film and digital. Where we are now, how we got here and what the future may bring.

The documentary investigates the history, process and workflow of both digital and photochemical film creation.

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