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Shutter (2008) Movie Data

Shutter (2008) is Horror Mystery Thriller Genres film which released in 2008. Shutter (2008) supported by James Kyson, Joshua Jackson, and Rachael Taylor. This movie has 1h 25min duration and good rating around 5.2 star from 27,859 movie mania. Very good!

Shutter (2008) Short Storyline

A newly married couple discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident. Fearing the manifestations may be connected, they investigate and learn that some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Actor Actress behind Shutter (2008) Movie

Joshua Jackson,Rachael Taylor,James Kyson
Director: Masayuki Ochiai
Writer: Luke Dawson

Shutter (2008) REVIEW

Why do i do it? I keep complaining about these Asian remakes yet i keep watching them . Maybe i do it so you don’t have to , maybe it’s because I’m sadistic or maybe I’m just waiting for there to be one that’s any good? Whatever the reason one thing that i know is true is that Shutter is worst i have seen yet. For photographer Ben and his new wife Jane , his new assignment — a lucrative fashion shoot in Tokyo — was supposed to be a kind of working honeymoon. Ben and Jane arrive in Japan. But as they make their way on a mountain road leading to Mt. Fuji, their new life together comes to, literally, a crashing halt. Their car smashes into a woman standing in the middle of the road, who has materialised out of nowhere. Upon regaining consciousness after the accident, but they cannot find any trace of the girl . Shaken by the accident and by the girl’s disappearance, they arrive in Tokyo, where Ben begins his glamorous assignment. Having worked in Japan before and fluent in the language, Ben is comfortable there, and he eagerly reunites with old friends and colleagues. Jane feels very much like a stranger in a strange land as she makes tentative, unsettling forays through the city. Ben, meanwhile, has discovered mysterious white blurs , evocative of a human form , that have materialised on an entire day’s work from the expensive photo shoot. Jane’s concerns escalate as she believes the blurs in Ben’s photos are the dead girl from the road, who is now seeking vengeance for them leaving her to die… Without watching Shutter you already know the format. Spirits that have pasty faces and fail to recognise the value of the slogan “rest in peace. Shutter is also another “ghost in the machine” story, except this time the machine is a camera.The trouble is there is absolutely nothing scary about this movie . There is plenty of bangs and crashes and you are bombarded with noise but nothing at all visual that would remotely send a chill down the spine. There is one scene that i liked where the screen went black every few seconds as to imitate the flash of a camera but that is all i cant think of that i can say is good about this film.The acting is irrelevant because the film is so dull . Fans of The American Office and Heroes might recognise a couple of the cast.This is the first Asian remake i have seen that hails from from Thailand but it is still the same old dross that has been dished up over the last couple of years . Director Masayuki Ochiai has failed miserably to achieve anything worth while and it’s a film that will fade from the memory very fast indeed.The PG-13 rating says it all, while opening the gates to bored teenagers it will turn hardcore horror aficionados in the other direction.I don’t know about you but i want my Horror movies to be 18 rated and nothing less.3 out of 10

Shutter (2008) PLOT STORY

A newlywed couple Ben and Jane move to Japan for a promising job opportunity – a fashion shoot in Tokyo. During their trip on a dark forest road they experience a tragic car accident, leading to the death of a young local girl. Upon regaining consciousness, they find no trace of her body. A bit distraught the couple arrives in Tokyo to begin their new life. Meanwhile Ben begins noticing strange white blurs in many of his fashion shoot photographs. Jane believes that the blurs are actually spirit photography of the dead girl who they hit on the road, and that she may be seeking vengeance.

Newlyweds and Benjamin and Jane Shaw head to Japan where Benjamin has landed a lucrative job as a professional photographer. It’s a bit of a homecoming of sorts for him as he had previously lived in Japan and speaks the language fluently. On their first night, Jane hits a young woman who is standing in the middle of the road but neither they nor the police can find any evidence of anyone being hit. Later they see strange streaks of light in photos they’ve taken and eventually she recognizes the woman she is seeing and realizes that she worked for her husband during his first stay in Japan. When Ben tells her what happened during his earlier stay she thinks she may have a solution. Her husband hasn’t told her the entire truth however.

In North America, after getting married, the photographer Benjamin Shaw and his wife Jane travel to Japan for a job opportunity with Ben’s friends Bruno and Adam. While driving on a lonely road in Japan during the night, they have a car accident with Jane hitting a girl first and crashing a tree. When they awake, the police do not find any body and Ben believes that Jane imagined the situation. Later when Ben reveals his latest pictures, he finds some mysterious shadows, while the couple is systematically haunted by the ghost of the girl. Jane investigates and finds that the victim was Ben’s former shy and weird girlfriend Megumi Tanaka, who worked as translator for Ben. Later Jane discloses deep and hidden secrets about the relationship of Megumi, Ben and his friends Bruno and Adam.

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