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This movie by Stefan Schwartz (co-written with Richard Holmes) thinks it is cleverer than it actually is, and comes out as an odd hybrid of crime caper and romance.Two conmen – the charmless Dan Futterman as American Dylan, and geeky Stuart Townsend as Jez – have long-standing dreams of making lots of cash by any means to fund their very own stately home. Posh totty Kate Beckinsale as Georgie (a doctor-in-training with secretarial skills) joins them as the beauty and brains of the team and causes havoc between them.Involved in this semi-engaging brew are voice recognition computer systems, cremation, loft insulation, blow-up dolls, light sabres, a tatty old racehorse, £50 bills, and the music of Burt Bacharach. Glimpsed in the cast are Phyllis Logan, Annette Crosbie, Peter Capaldi, Jane Lapotaire, Nickolas Grace, Nicholas Woodeson, and (in a small but wickedly funny role as Georgie’s boyfriend) Dominic Mafham.’Shooting Fish’ is fairly enjoyable but tends to shoot itself down quite early on, without much chance of recovering. Does it know what it is supposed to be? An idea with potential and some laughs, but this movie doesn’t know which way to jump.

Shooting Fish (1997) Movie Data

Shooting Fish (1997) is Romance Comedy Crime Genres film which released in 1997. Shooting Fish (1997) supported by Stuart Townsend, Kate Beckinsale, and Dan Futterman. This movie has 1h 43min duration and rating around 6.6 star from 6,817 movie experts. Not bad.

Shooting Fish (1997) Short Storyline

Two con artists’ plan to steal enough for a house are twisted when a pretty girl enters the picture.

Actor Actress behind Shooting Fish (1997) Movie

Dan Futterman,Stuart Townsend,Kate Beckinsale
Director: Stefan Schwartz
Writer: Stefan Schwartz

Shooting Fish (1997) PLOT STORY

Dylan and Jez are con artists, Dylan is a charming American who’s run from some characters in the states and Jez is an English techno nerd. During one of their scams selling a voice recognition computer they hire Georgie as a secretary for the job. The romantic triangle between Dylan, Jez and Georgie appears, but she is also not a secretary, but a student, and her marriage with rich Roger is upcoming.

Jez, the goofy, British tech genius, and Dylan, the smarmy fast-talking Yank, are orphans. They’re also con artists out to “shoot some big fish” (trick some people out of their money). See, they need two million pounds to buy the home they never had. Things get complicated when a typist they hire for a “job” turns out to be sweeter than any scam. Both gents are tripped up for Georgie who is convinced that they’re modern Robin Hoods raising money for orphans. Turns out she needs the money worse than they: to save the family home which doubles as a home for special needs children. When Jez and Dylan land in jail during a financial crisis (all the fifty pound notes in the land are being reclaimed because the Queen doesn’t like her picture), they have to put their faith and their cash in Georgie’s hands. What’s a girl to do with two million pounds?

Two confidence tricksters, one British and one American and both brought up in orphanages, live in a disused but far from dull gasometer. On one of their scams they employ Georgie, secretary and medical student, who is at first horrified by their occupation. When rogues steal her research notes the lads get their own back – ending up flogging roof insulation – and Georgie starts to feel part of the team.

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