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Fellowes’s directorial debut takes us into a tangle of complex adult relationships. His story unfolds after an accident takes place which is followed by a web of lies. Fellowes gets to the point right from the very beginning. The wonderful score and cinematography set the tone. Fellowes uses less close-ups as he stresses on the full body gesture of his actors. I also liked his attention to detail and the subtle nuances of his actors, notice his choice of location and props which are all a relevant part of the scenes. I must further add that the authentic locations are quite breathtaking.He has wisely chosen gifted actors like Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson to play the key roles. Wilkinson is at his best while the sublime Ms. Watson downplays her part with grace and complete ease. Hermione Norris has an effective presence. The always dependent Linda Bassett stands out. Rupert Everett looks a little awkward but is quite adequate.At first glance, ‘Separate Lies’ may not appeal to all as it’s quite easy to miss some of the important details and misinterpret the nuances of the actors. However, on second viewing, I was able to appreciate the film on a much deeper level. On an additional note, the director’s commentary is a brilliant bonus. Fellowes provides some great insights into ‘Separate Lies’ and he has put a lot of efforts into its making.

Separate Lies (2005) Movie Data

Separate Lies (2005) is Drama Romance Thriller Genres film which released in 2005. Separate Lies (2005) supported by Hermione Norris, Tom Wilkinson, and Emily Watson. This movie has 1h 25min duration and rating around 6.5 star from 3,676 movie experts. Not bad.

Separate Lies (2005) Short Storyline

A couple’s marriage is complicated by the introduction of a third party.

Actor Actress behind Separate Lies (2005) Movie

Tom Wilkinson,Emily Watson,Hermione Norris
Director: Julian Fellowes
Writer: Nigel Balchin

Separate Lies (2005) PLOT STORY

A cyclist is killed, swiped by a Range Rover in a village lane. James and Anne Manning become involved because the victim is the husband of their cleaner, Maggie. James, a solicitor in the city, soon comes to suspect William Bule, a millionaire playboy who has moved back to the village. William, pressed by James, confesses to the hit and run. But the confession is clouded by Anne’s admission of her affair with William.

The successful, honest and methodic lawyer James Manning works in London and is living in the country with his beloved wife Anne. Anne decides to have a party at their home, and the husband of their housemaid Maggie is hit by a car at the same time nearby her house and Maggie witnesses a Land Rover. James associates the scratch on the car of his acquaintance Bill Bule with the accident, and forces him to confess and promise to go to the police on the next morning. When he arrives home, Anne tells him that she was driving the car; further, Bill is her lover. James changes his opinion and decides to support the lie, while a persistent detective is investigating the case and the list of guests.

A couple’s marriage is complicated by the introduction of a third party.

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