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Running Scared (1986) Movie Data

Running Scared (1986) is Action Comedy Crime Genres film which released in 1986. Running Scared (1986) supported by Steven Bauer, Gregory Hines, and Billy Crystal. This movie has 1h 47min duration and good rating around 6.5 star from 9,086 movie mania. Very good!

Running Scared (1986) Short Storyline

Two street-wise Chicago cops have to shake off some rust after returning from a Key West vacation to pursue a drug dealer who nearly killed them in the past.

Actor Actress behind Running Scared (1986) Movie

Gregory Hines,Billy Crystal,Steven Bauer
Director: Peter Hyams
Writer: Gary DeVore

Running Scared (1986) REVIEW

Gregory Hines (Ray Hughes) and Billy Crystal (Danny Costanzo) form a cop-buddy duo who are after a bad guy called Julio Gonzales (Jimmy Smits).Running Scared (1986) is directed by Peter Hyams.Crystal and the late great Hines make a great pair as those two cops.And Smits makes a great villain.Joe Pantoliano also does neat job as a baddie they call Snake.Dan Hedaya is quite excellent as Captain.Darlanne Fluegel does very fine job as Anna Costanzo.Larry Hankin appears as Ace, and he’s very good.John LaMotta is seen as Evidence Officer.Running Scared doesn’t do anything that memorable to make it a classic, but it does entertain enough.The ending works, and the chase on train tracks looks pretty cool.To all those who dig buddy cop movies of the 80’s this is worth checking out.

Running Scared (1986) PLOT STORY

Danny and Ray are two street wise cops in Chicago. When they are almost killed on a case, they are forced to take a vacation by their captain. Key West offers a substantial change over frozen Chicago. They decide to quit and open a bar in Key West. Upon returning, they find that Julio, the drug dealer who nearly killed them has made bail and is trying to complete a giant drug deal. They decide to complete their case against Julio before quitting, but then begin being careful. Their effectiveness drops as they find they can’t operate the way they did before if they don’t have the edge of a long time commitment.

Ray Hughes and Danny Costanzo are a pair of wisecracking Chicago cops. Julio Gonzales is a fast-rising drug kingpin. In an effort to bring down Gonzales, Danny and Ray unintentionally blow the lid off a long-running undercover operation which has been trying to crack Gonzales’s drug ring. After getting chewed out by Captain Logan, Ray and Danny are forced to take a “vacation” and spend some time away from the force. To get away from the dreary Chicago winter, they go to Key West, Florida. They are taken in by the life of leisure, natural beauty, and hot women. They love the pace of life in a place where people stop and take time to watch the sunset each day. Danny comes up with the idea to retire from the force and buy a bar in Key West, and gets Ray to go along with the idea. Still, they don’t feel right about retiring until they can nail Gonzales. Ray and Danny head back to Chicago for one last mission as part of the force so that they can retire with clear consciences. Ray and Danny are aiming for one final shot at Gonzales, one final showdown where they can bring Gonzales down.

Two street-wise Chicago cops have to shake off some rust after returning from a Key West vacation to pursue a drug dealer who nearly killed them in the past.

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