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If anything is to say about this movie …. Everything is Loud & Extra ! Extra Action, Extra Songs, Extra Sound, Extra Dialogues, everything is just loud & extra.May be that takes this movie to take great ups & great downs, there is no such thing in between.This is typical Bollywood movie with good songs, great action, some emotions BUT with south Indian touch.The movies takes following ups & downs of your likes, Don’t like: First 30-40 mins story doesn’t take even a start. Unnecessary songs, Akshay going behind Sonakshi is not that entertaining (& unnecessary) that makes you feel sad (for tickets)Like: Once the story gets starting then there is no stopping, at least for some time. Yes, till intermission you actually get involved in movie. There is not sonakshi & any other dramas, just a story.Don’t Like: After intermission, movie still goes to the first part of unnecessary things happening, movie going bit slow & no where near the story things happen.Like: Yes, the end part or climax, this is again coming back to story & see lots of action & fun.It’s really nice to see Akshay in this role, following Salman. Truly Akshay’s best movie in recent times. Akshay has taken the part very seriously & reminds KHILADI !Sonakshi … really don’t know why she is in movie, but Bollywood film & without actress .. can’t imagine, may be that’s why she has done her job of looking cute & nice. But sometimes, she looks Rowdier than Akshay (specially in dance steps)Other South Indian Actors have done a BAD job in showing their BIHARI tones ….Those are laughing moments !Anyway, if you want to watch a bollywood movie, this may be good movie in recent years….Overall 6/10 !

Rowdy Rathore (2012) Movie Data

Rowdy Rathore (2012) is Action Genres film which released in 2012. Rowdy Rathore (2012) supported by Nassar, Akshay Kumar, and Sonakshi Sinha. This movie has 2h 20min duration and rating around 5.8 star from 16,937 movie experts. Not bad.

Rowdy Rathore (2012) Short Storyline

A con man uncovers a deadly secret and must save his lady love, the small-town locals and the little girl who insists she’s his daughter, from the mob.

Actor Actress behind Rowdy Rathore (2012) Movie

Akshay Kumar,Sonakshi Sinha,Nassar
Director: Prabhudheva
Writer: Shiraz Ahmed

Rowdy Rathore (2012) PLOT STORY

Shiva (Akshay Kumar) is a small time conman in love with Paro (Sonakshi Sinha), a pretty girl whom he met at a wedding he wasn’t invited to. Into this picture perfect world enters six year old Chinki who inexplicably believes Shiva to be her dad! And if this wasn’t bad enough, Shiva also becomes the object of a series of life threatening attacks by a gang of deadly criminals who seem to know something he doesn’t. While trying desperately to save his life and love, Shiva stumbles upon a deadly secret. A secret that will take him to a small town in Bihar; a town terrorized by a ruthless politician and the mafia he controls; a town whose inhabitants only hope for redemption is … Shiva!

A con man uncovers a deadly secret and must save his lady love, the small-town locals and the little girl who insists she’s his daughter, from the mob.

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