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Romeo Is Bleeding (1993) Movie Data

Romeo Is Bleeding (1993) is Action Crime Drama Genres film which released in 1993. Romeo Is Bleeding (1993) supported by Wallace Wood, Gary Oldman, and Lena Olin. This movie has 1h 40min duration and good rating around 6.6 star from 11,150 movie mania. Very good!

Romeo Is Bleeding (1993) Short Storyline

A womanizing, crooked cop on the payroll of the mafia is confronted with the reality of his double life after he is asked to kill a beautiful and ruthless Russian gangster.

Actor Actress behind Romeo Is Bleeding (1993) Movie

Gary Oldman,Lena Olin,Wallace Wood
Director: Peter Medak
Writer: Hilary Henkin

Romeo Is Bleeding (1993) REVIEW

One of my favorite lines from “Romeo Is Bleeding,” an overlooked tribute to film noir. Jack Grimaldi(Oldman)is a crooked cop that rats info to the mob about the whereabouts of mob witnesses. He is also a louse of a husband, cheating on his wife(Sciorra)with a waitress (Lewis). Life, in his view, is good, especially when he gets the money from the mob, which he uses “To feed the hole” in his backyard. Then, one day, his life slowly goes on a descent to hell when he is assigned to watch over the deliciously wicked Mona(Lena Olin, who should have gotten an Oscar nod for this performance). Mona makes a proposition to Jack: Help her fake her death and he will be paid VERY well. The problem is that the mob, led by Roy Scheider, wants Jack to wipe her out, or they will wipe him out. What happens to the characters in this film is what makes this a very intense film. The scenes between Olin and Oldman are hot enough to burn a hole in your television screen. This is a must see film that you have to have in your collection.

Romeo Is Bleeding (1993) PLOT STORY

Detective Jack Grimaldi (Gary Oldman) takes us through his shattered life after encountering the most deadly (and deceptive) criminal he has ever had to deal with. It doesn’t help that Grimladi is playing both sides against the middle. When he encounters Demarkov (Lena Olin) he thinks he can play her as he has all the other women in his life…including his wife. But Demarkov knows Jack better than he knows himself. She plays him mercilessly, all the while threatening to kill him when she tires of the game.

A corrupt police sergeant who supplies tips on the locations of safeguarded witnesses to the Mob bites off more than he can chew when he attempts to assassinate a beautiful but ruthless Russian hitwoman in this no holds barred noir thriller.

A corrupt New York police officer’s double life as a witness protection guard, and as a mafia informant, begins to catch up with him when he’s bribed to kill a deadly female Russian assassin in custody while keeping his lifestyle a secret from both his wife and teenage mistress.

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