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Most of the reviews and comments on “The Premature Burial” tend to dismiss this film as second rate. I don’t agree. In fact I think it is as good or better than many of the other Roger Corman produced/directed Edgar Allan Poe adaptations. The basis of the story is man’s fear of death and more specifically of somehow being buried alive. Guy Carrell (Ray Milland) is one such person. He believes that his father was a victim of a premature burial and as such thinks that he will suffer the same fate. He goes so far as to construct a crypt that has many fail safe escape devices in case that he does suffer the same fate as his father. Carrell marries the beautiful Emily Gault (Hazel Court) and with her help, tries to overcome his fears. Also involved in the mystery is Carrell’s sinister sister Kate (Heather Angel), family friend Dr. Miles Archer (Richard Ney) and Emily’s father Dr. Gault (Alan Napier). Guy begins to hear eerie sounds and is seemingly tormented by two grave diggers (John Dierkes, Dick Miller) that he encountered earlier. Are there plans afoot to drive poor Guy mad? Who in his household could be behind such a plan? Does he ultimately suffer the fate that he fears most? Ray Milland was chosen to play the lead because Roger Corman was in a dispute with American International Pictures (AIP) at the time and decided to make the movie with another studio. Vincent Price who starred in most of Corman’s Poe adaptations was under contract to AIP and therefore, could not play the lead. Ultimately the dispute was resolved and the picture was eventually released under the AIP banner. Milland is surprisingly excellent in the lead. He conveys the building paranoia of Guy Carrell very convincingly. The lovely Hazel Court was a veteran of many films in her native England and nicely complements Milland and Heather Angel provides an air of mystery as Guy’s sister/ Some useless trivia: 1. Ray Milland and Heather Angel had starred together some 25 years earlier in “Bulldog Drummond Escapes” (1937). 2. Miles Archer was the name of Sam Spade’s partner who was murdered at the beginning of “The Maltese Falcon” (1941). 3. Alan Napier achieved greater fame as Alfred the butler in the “Batman” TV series of the 60s.

Premature Burial (1962) Movie Data

Premature Burial (1962) is Drama Horror Mystery Genres film which released in 1962. Premature Burial (1962) supported by Richard Ney, Ray Milland, and Hazel Court. This movie has 1h 21min duration and rating around 6.6 star from 2,643 movie experts. Not bad.

Premature Burial (1962) Short Storyline

An artist grows distant from his new wife as an irrational horror of premature burial consumes him.

Actor Actress behind Premature Burial (1962) Movie

Ray Milland,Hazel Court,Richard Ney
Director: Roger Corman
Writer: Charles Beaumont

Premature Burial (1962) PLOT STORY

Emily Gault arrives at the Carrell mansion determined to rekindle an old relationship with Guy Carrell, despite the disapproval of his sister, Kate. Guy overcomes his all-consuming fear of being buried alive long enough to marry Emily but soon becomes obsessed again, building a crypt designed to guarantee that he will not fall prey to his most dreaded nightmare. Trying to prove that he has been cured of his phobia, he opens his father’s tomb and is shocked into a catatonic state. His worst fears are realized as he is lowered into a grave and covered over, apparently never to learn that the treachery of someone very dear to him was directly responsible for his predicament.

The wealthy cataleptic painter Guy Carrell believes that he overheard his father, who also had catalepsy, crying in the crypt of his family when he was a kid and is obsessed by the fear of being buried alive. He leaves his fiancée Emily Gault and lives alone with his sister Kate Carrell in the family manor. However Emily seeks him out and convinces Guy to marry her, despite the disapproval of Kate, promising that she would never bury him without the certainty of his death by her friend, Dr. Miles Archer, and her father Dr. Gideon Gault. After the wedding, Guy does not travel in honeymoon to Venice, as he had promised to Emily, and builds a crypt with safety devices to avoid that he is trapped alive inside. However Emily and Miles convince him to demolish the building. Guy has nightmares and visions with the gravediggers and weird events happen in the mansion. He decides to prove that is cured of his fear and opens his father grave, but someone has moved his skeleton and Guy is diagnosed of heart attack. However he is catatonic indeed and is buried alive as he has always feared. Will be the end of Guy? Who might have caused the shock on Guy?

An artist grows distant from his new wife as an irrational horror of premature burial consumes him.

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