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The first season of this show had elements that made it seem like an amateurish production. Most of it was due to using ordinary people to do the re-enactments and some low budget ghost effects. Both, I would assume, were due to budget constraints. With season two, however, things have gotten better. They have been able to hire professional actors for the re-enactments, and the special effects have improved somewhat. I am surprised by the level of acting ability of the season two episodes. Of course, you know it’s just acting (not the actual event), but it’s just such an improvement over the stilted and unnatural performance of their season one cast. Some of those actors in season two are very good; I assume they are all Canadian, since the production company is in Canada. There is a large pool of fine under-used actors in Canada to choose from. Apparently, the production company of this show have taken advantage of that. I’m happy that a Canadian show seems to have been able to catch on with viewers. I live in Toronto. By the way, this show now has a narrator who sounds just like Anthony D. Call, the narrator that very long running American production called A Haunting.

Paranormal Survivor (TV Series 2015– ) Movie Data

Paranormal Survivor (TV Series 2015– ) is Documentary Genres film which released in . Paranormal Survivor (TV Series 2015– ) supported by Cameron Le Roy, Kristen Keller, and Jack Kenna. This movie has duration and rating around 6.2 star from 175 movie experts. Not bad.

Paranormal Survivor (TV Series 2015– ) Short Storyline

Real people share the terrifing and supernatural stories of their experience.

Actor Actress behind Paranormal Survivor (TV Series 2015– ) Movie

Kristen Keller,Jack Kenna,Cameron Le Roy
Director: Kristen Keller
Writer: Our House Media

Paranormal Survivor (TV Series 2015– ) PLOT STORY

Real people share the terrifing and supernatural stories of their experience.

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