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Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) Movie Data

Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) is Crime Thriller Genres film which released in 2007.
This movie has 2h 2min duration and good rating around 6.9 star from 267,968 movie mania. Very good!

Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) Short Storyline

Danny Ocean rounds up the boys for a third heist, after casino owner Willy Bank double-crosses one of the original eleven, Reuben Tishkoff.

Actor Actress behind Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) Movie

George Clooney,Brad Pitt,Matt Damon
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Writer: Brian Koppelman

Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) REVIEW

Normally the sequel to a movie is a let down. Especially if the first part was really good. I think that’s what’s happened with Ocean’s 12 for many but l hope this doesn’t mean that they won’t be watching ’13’.I was happy to see all of the same characters and actors together again because that is one big cool cast. Not to mention Al Pacino…icing on the cake.Who could resist?For those who are in doubt about Ocean’s 13, i hope you’re not affected by some bad reviews because history doesn’t repeat itself with this one. It’s got an interesting story and some fabulous actors and acting. Don’t miss out.

Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) PLOT STORY

The last time we saw Danny Ocean’s crew, they were paying back ruthless casino mogul Terry Benedict after stealing millions from him. However, it’s been a while since they’ve come back together, which is all about to change. When one of their own, Reuben Tishkoff, builds a hotel with another casino owner, Willy Bank, the last thing he ever wanted was to get cut out of the deal personally by the loathsome Bank. Bank’s attitude even goes so far as to finding the amusement in Tishkoff’s misfortune when the double crossing lands Reuben in the hospital because of a heart attack. However, Danny and his crew won’t stand for Bank and what he’s done to a friend. Uniting with their old enemy Benedict, who himself has a vendetta against Bank, the crew is out to pull off a major plan; one that will unfold on the night Bank’s newest hot spot opens up. They’re not in this for the money, but for the revenge.

Danny Ocean’s team of criminals are back and are composing a plan more personal than ever. When ruthless casino owner Willy Bank double-crosses Reuben Tishkoff, causing a heart attack, Danny Ocean vows that him and his team will do anything to bring Willy Bank and everything he’s got down. Even if it includes hiring help from one of their own enemies, Terry Benedict.

Danny Ocean’s friend Reuben goes into business with Willy Bank, a ruthless casino owner, who then cuts Reuben out. Reuben then suffers a heart attack. Danny and the rest of his crew go to him. Danny gives Bank the opportunity to do what is right but when he refuses, Danny sets out to get him back by taking him down. He plans to make sure his new casino flops. He brings in tech wiz Roman Nagel to help crack the system at Bank’s hotel. Eventually they discover that they need more money to pull it off, so Ocean turns to Terry Benedict, the casino owner, he once robbed, who agrees on the condition that he steal something important to Bank.

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