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Nihon Chinbotsu is a science fiction story set in the near future. In this story, geologists discover that all of Japan is being sucked under the ocean by plate tectonics. It covers the ongoing disaster from the perspective of several people directly affected by the events, from ordinary people to scientists, rescue workers, and political leaders.This movie is a remake of a 1973 film of the same title and, in many ways, is a major rewrite. While an excellent premise based loosely upon actual plate tectonics, the elements of social shock which were central to the original film are totally absent from this try, replacing the original message-laden content with Godzilla-style entertainment.If there’s any single impression one can get from a side-by-side comparison of the two films, it’s just how far special effects have come over the last 30-odd years. Nonetheless, special effects alone cannot make a great film. I gave this a five out of ten rating.

Nihon chinbotsu (2006) Movie Data

Nihon chinbotsu (2006) is Sci-Fi Adventure Drama Genres film which released in 2006. Nihon chinbotsu (2006) supported by Ko Shibasaki, Etsushi Toyokawa, and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. This movie has 2h 15min duration and rating around 5.7 star from 1,217 movie experts. Not bad.

Nihon chinbotsu (2006) Short Storyline

Japan will sink down to the deep sea. The governments only hope is evacuate all Japanese to some other countries.

Actor Actress behind Nihon chinbotsu (2006) Movie

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi,Ko Shibasaki,Etsushi Toyokawa
Director: Shinji Higuchi
Writer: Sakyo Komatsu

Nihon chinbotsu (2006) PLOT STORY

In the aftermath of a major earthquake under Suraga Bay, Misaki (a young girl) and Toshiro (a pilot of a deep sea submarine) are rescued from a ruined city street just as leaking gasoline ignites. Reiko Abe arrives just in time, lowered from a helicopter. Scientists predict that Japan will sink within 40 years, due to subduction of a tectonic plate to the west. However, Dr. Tadokoro, who leads an oceanic scientific team that includes Toshiro, calculates that this will happen far sooner, in only 338.54 days. He presents his findings to Prime Minister Yamamoto who decides to create a new department for impending disaster relief assigning Saoro Takamori to cover the new duties, since of all his ministers she will take it seriously but also bring “heart” to the process. As further earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions devastate Japan, the government pleads with other countries to take refugees. Yamamoto flies to China to negotiate relocations there, but his plane is destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Saoro fills the resulting vacuum in leadership and decides that Dr. Tadokoro’s plan to blow holes in the disintegrating tectonic tectonic plate is the best remaining hope to not only save the people, but what remains of the country itself. Ironically it was her career that hastened their divorce 20 years earlier. Misaki becomes orphaned following her mother’s death from earthquake injuries, and bonds with Reiko who was similarly rescued from, but orphaned by the Kobe quake. Toshiro is offered a job in England and wants Reiko and Misaki to come with him, but Reiko feels bound to help others and refuses to leave. Fellow submarine pilot Shinji Yuki also turns down Toshiro’s offer to work with him in England. Drillships place massive explosives deep in the crust, but the detonator is not placed properly and Yuki dies attempting to place it by submarine.

Japan will sink down to the deep sea. The governments only hope is evacuate all Japanese to some other countries.

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