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Now lets just start off by saying I had already expected to like this show. I’m a big fan of the 2 female leads and reading and hearing all the buzz and what i’d seen in previews I had a feeling we were in for something special.Then the first episode debuts and I’m left completely stunned, not only is the acting and story top notch, but the songs are completely ace, and I am no country music fan so that definitely is saying something. That last song “If I Didn’t Know Better” blew me away and was a perfect end to the evening, it was soulful, deeply profound, and evocative.As leads Hayden and Connie drive the story so wonderfully as strong women and musicians with clear and definitive points of view, oddly enough some of them are the same *cough* Deacon *cough*. Let me just briefly mention Charles (Chip) Esten who I have not really seen since the old skool Brit Who’s Line is it Anyway, but this time instead of improv comedy he’s doing full blown drama and music, very impressive.If you haven’t yet watch this and you won’t be disappointed.

Nashville (TV Series 2012–2018) Movie Data

Nashville (TV Series 2012–2018) is Drama Music Romance Genres film which released in . Nashville (TV Series 2012–2018) supported by Charles Esten, Clare Bowen, and Hayden Panettiere. This movie has 43min duration and rating around 7.7 star from 19,140 movie experts. Not bad.

Nashville (TV Series 2012–2018) Short Storyline

A fading country music star comes into conflict with a rising young star.

Actor Actress behind Nashville (TV Series 2012–2018) Movie

Clare Bowen,Hayden Panettiere,Charles Esten
Director: Callie Khouri
Writer: Clare Bowen

Nashville (TV Series 2012–2018) PLOT STORY

Set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene, the new drama revolves around a 40-year-old superstar Rayna Jaymes, whose star begins fading. She is forced to team up with Juliette Barnes on tour in order to maintain her label’s support for her latest record, whose sales have been underwhelming.

A fading country music star comes into conflict with a rising young star.

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