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Lily (Tiya Sircar) is a very smart, driven young lady. She succeeds at pretty much everything she has tried–winning the national spelling bee, graduating at the top of her class and having a seemingly perfect life ahead of her. Despite this, she has a new plan…to win the Miss India USA pageant…even though she hates pageants and thinks they are stupid. So why would she do this? Because her long-time boyfriend was caught with a lady who won this competition…and she wants to prove she is just as good, or better, than these other young ladies. Plus, she just doesn’t like losing to anyone!There is one big problem with this film…Lily is a self-absorbed and incredibly selfish person. She only thinks of herself and is impossible to like…and this seriously impacts the viewing experience. After all, you aren’t pulling for her to win…and you actually want her to lose badly! In contrast, when I watched a far better beauty pageant comedy, “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, I was pulling for sweet Amber Atkinson to win…and it felt terrible when she didn’t. So, despite this, is the film worth seeing? Not for me. When Lily comes up with some epiphany, it’s just too late and rather unconvincing. Overall, an interesting miss…but a miss nonetheless. It’s a shame, as Tiya was good in the lead–her acting was really nice.

Miss India America (2015) Movie Data

Miss India America (2015) is Comedy Drama Family Genres film which released in 2015. Miss India America (2015) supported by Kosha Patel, Tiya Sircar, and Hannah Simone. This movie has 1h 35min duration and rating around 5.7 star from 220 movie experts. Not bad.

Miss India America (2015) Short Storyline

Lily Prasad competes for Miss India America title.

Actor Actress behind Miss India America (2015) Movie

Tiya Sircar,Hannah Simone,Kosha Patel
Director: Ravi Kapoor
Writer: Ravi Kapoor

Miss India America (2015) PLOT STORY

Lily is graduating from her Orange County high school at the top of her class. And she has a plan, “The Lily Plan”. She will become a brain surgeon like her father. Her sweet, lost boyfriend Karim will become a petroleum engineer. They’ll get married. Have kids. Live happily ever after. But the plan is thrown into confusion when Karim becomes smitten by and runs off with Reshma, the reining Miss India National beauty queen. Not happy about losing at anything, Lily decides that she herself must become the new Miss India National.

The very smart eighteen year-old, LILY PRASAD plans on two things; becoming a brain surgeon and marrying her high school sweetheart. But when her boyfriend runs of with the reigning Miss India National beauty pageant queen, she decides that she herself must become the new Miss India National! A comedy where Election and Legally Blonde meets the world of Indian-American beauty pageants.

Lily Prasad competes for Miss India America title.

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