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Like such lovable old-timers as Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood, Claude Chabrol gets into creaky-clunky mode. A far cry from his recent masterly LA CEREMONIE, MERCI notarizes Isabelle Huppert’s status as a latter-day Joan Crawford: bad actress; deeply scary; ravaged beauty; and possessed of a sort of sex-hungriness and envy of youth that’s written between every line. Here, she is the heiress to a chocolate fortune who seems to be slipping roofies into her family’s cocoa. Some interesting Chabrolian perversity bubbles when a local girl who might be Huppert’s husband’s daughter appears, and enters into a slightly familial, slightly flirtatious relationship with the husband. Huppert seems to be holding a deep, dark melodramatic secret that will snap like a firecracker in the last reel (as in LA CEREMONIE).Instead, nothing revelatory happens; the sounds of dismay coming from exiting moviegoers was frightening. The patented Chabrol shtik–placid bourgeois surfaces stretched taut over shrieking insanity underneath–is displayed here without a punchline.Chabrol’s quiet steadiness (or steady quietness?) is always a pleasure, even in as visually barren a low-budget feature as this one; but he usually gives much more bang for the buck.

Merci pour le Chocolat (2000) Movie Data

Merci pour le Chocolat (2000) is Crime Drama Mystery Genres film which released in 2000. Merci pour le Chocolat (2000) supported by Anna Mouglalis, Isabelle Huppert, and Jacques Dutronc. This movie has 1h 41min duration and rating around 6.7 star from 4,003 movie experts. Not bad.

Merci pour le Chocolat (2000) Short Storyline

In Lausanne, the aspirant pianist Jeanne Pollet has lunch with her mother Louise Pollet, her boyfriend Axel and his mother. Lenna leans that when she was born, a nurse had mistakenly told …

Actor Actress behind Merci pour le Chocolat (2000) Movie

Isabelle Huppert,Jacques Dutronc,Anna Mouglalis
Director: Claude Chabrol
Writer: Charlotte Armstrong

Merci pour le Chocolat (2000) PLOT STORY

In Lausanne, the aspirant pianist Jeanne Pollet has lunch with her mother Louise Pollet, her boyfriend Axel and his mother. Lenna leans that when she was born, a nurse had mistakenly told to the prominent pianist André Polonski that she would be his daughter. André has just remarried his first wife, the heiress of a Swiss chocolate factory Marie-Claire “Mika” Muller and they live in Lausanne with André’s son Guillaume Polonski. Out of the blue, Jeanne visits André and he offers to give piano classes to help her in her examination. Jeanne becomes closer to André and sooner she discovers that Mika might be drugging her stepson with Rohypnol. Further, she might have killed his second wife Lisbeth.

Milka Muller es la directora general de Chocolates Muller, que vive en Suiza con su marido André Polonski, un prestigioso pianista, y Guillaume, el hijo de André. Jeanne Pollet es una joven pianista que aún no ha comenzado sus estudios en el conservatorio y que un día descubre que cuando nació estuvo a punto de ser intercambiada en le hospital por Guillaume. Decidida conocer sus orígenes, Jeanne va a a visitar a André…

When the young Jeanne finds out that she could have mistakenly been exchanged, from her cradle, with another newborn (the son of a famous piano player), she decides to contact this family, not really thinking that this could be the truth. After she tells this to the presumed father and the rest of the family, even the son of the piano player starts having more than one doubt about his origins, and all this will lead to the discovery of a murder committed many years before by the second wife of the musician. The story is a pretext to dramatize the misdeeds and the hypocrisy of the French upper class members, shown without pity: the coldness between the family members, hidden by a false happiness; the lack of real feelings; the unbearable ‘bon ton’ of the mother, and so on.

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