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Masti is one of the most enjoyable Indian comedies released since ‘Dil Chatah Hai’, and is a must see for Bollywood movie goers who enjoy comedies and are open minded.The start of the movie is superb, with effortless acting and great comic timing shown by the main actors; the first 1/3 of the movie deserves a 10/10. Later however, the film tries to take itself too seriously and fails in some respects; Ajay Devgan showed dry acting for a very dry role, ‘I hate crime, and i hate criminals’; please…However the dialog remains enjoyable throughout, and the ending seems to tie things up well. The songs are also fun and stay within the plot of the film; i.e. no flying off to different locations around the world changing clothes every few lines.As for the girls, Amrita Rao is the Queen of Cute; both she and Lara seem to be the only girls with acting and dancing abilities. However the rest may something to be desired in different departments.All round, this movie is packed full of laughs and Masti, which all make up for the lack of plot, and thus Masti is a must see if you enjoy a good laugh.

Masti (2004) Movie Data

Masti (2004) is Mystery Comedy Crime Genres film which released in 2004. Masti (2004) supported by Vivek Oberoi, Riteish Deshmukh, and Aftab Shivdasani. This movie has 2h 46min duration and rating around 6.1 star from 4,545 movie experts. Not bad.

Masti (2004) Short Storyline

Bored of their wives, best friends, Meet, Prem and Amar, reunite after three years and decide to have an affair – but instead become the prime suspects in a murder investigation.

Actor Actress behind Masti (2004) Movie

Aftab Shivdasani,Vivek Oberoi,Riteish Deshmukh
Director: Indra Kumar
Writer: Milap Zaveri

Masti (2004) PLOT STORY

A murder is committed in a town in India and the Police ask a senior policeman to deal with his matter. His name is Sikanker and he begins his investigations and after doing so, he finds that he has three suspects. Three men, who are all married, but have been involved in seducing a woman named Monica. The three men are Amar, Prem, and Meet, who all claim their innocence – but in Sikander’s books – they are all guilty until they prove themselves innocent. How can they prove themselves innocent, when their very wives will refuse to speak up on their behalf?

Meet, Amar and Prem have been married for the last 3 years and bored of their quirky wives. So when they meet for the first time in three years, they decide to indulge in affairs and “get some action”. They meet again after a month to compare notes, but discover each one of them has had a liaison with a wily woman Monica. She blackmails her into bringing her a lot of money or else she would inform their wives of their infidelity. The friends manage to get the money somehow, but the events soon escalate into a nightmare: the trio have to deal with a murder, a dead body, another blackmailer, and an extremely suspicious police officer named Inspector Sikandar while ensuring that not a word reaches their wives.

Marriage is supposed to be made in heaven. But, for three friends — Meet, Amar and Prem — it has become hell on earth. For Meet, whose name means “lover” in Hindi, marriage has crimped his “cool stud” lifestyle. His wife Aanchal makes sure he cools his heels at home. Prem’s parents forced him to marry Geeta, a sweet, innocent and “my husband-is-my-god” kind of woman. She would rather press his feet than “you know what.” Amar is terrified of his wife Bindiya and her equally domineering mother, who lives with them. When these three buddies meet up after three years, their frustrations with marriage fuel their conversation. They decide the only way to spice up their lives is have as many affairs as possible for the next month. Then, they’ll regroup and exchange notes. So, the rollicking process starts as the three men go looking for “biryaani.” With Inspector Sikander hot on their trial, they find themselves in one crazy situation after another as the film races to its hilarious climax.

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