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This is the story of Dynamo Dan, a sideshow worker who does a faked electrical act. Perhaps because of this he’s the only survivor when a bus he’s on slams into a high tension tower and all the passengers are killed by the electricity. Dan ends up working with Lionel Atwill a mad scientist trying to make electrified super humans.Yes, its as corny as it sounds but then so are the Frankenstein films. Corny or no the film is a great way to spend an hour of your time on a rainy night.When most people think of the Universal horror films in the 1930’s and 40’s they tend to think of the Frankenstein/Dracula/Wolfman movies forgetting or unaware that Universal turned out a a number of very good second tier horror films at the same time. This is one of them.Warning: do not confuse this with The Indestructible Man which has a similar plot line but which is not particularly well made.8 out of 10 on a rainy night with the lights off and your best honey by your side.

Man Made Monster (1941) Movie Data

Man Made Monster (1941) is Sci-Fi Drama Horror Genres film which released in 1941. Man Made Monster (1941) supported by Lon Chaney Jr., Anne Nagel, and Lionel Atwill. This movie has 59min duration and rating around 6.3 star from 826 movie experts. Not bad.

Man Made Monster (1941) Short Storyline

A mad scientist turns a man into an electrically-controlled monster to do his bidding.

Actor Actress behind Man Made Monster (1941) Movie

Lionel Atwill,Lon Chaney Jr.,Anne Nagel
Director: George Waggner
Writer: Harry Essex

Man Made Monster (1941) PLOT STORY

“Big Dan” McCormick is the sole survivor of a bus crash into hydro lines. 5 others were electrocuted. Intrigued by Dan’s apparent immunity to electricity, Dr. John Lawrence, distinguished elector-biologist, asks Dan to visit him at his laboratory, where Lawrence’s assistant, Dr. Paul Rigas, is secretly conducting experiments to prove his theory that human life can be motivated and controlled by electricity. Rigas persuades Dan to submit to tests, where Dan absorbs increasingly powerful charges until he develops an amazing degree of immunity, and becomes a walking hulk of electricity. Rigas does a final test of pouring a tremendous charge into Dan’s body, and Dan becomes superhuman and his body glows. He is also a robot that is controlled by Rigas. When Lawrence tries to stop the experiment, Rigas orders Dan to kill him. Rigas removes the electricity from Dan’s body and he becomes a shrunken shell. Despite the efforts of June Meredith, Lawrence’s niece, and newspaper reporter Mark Adams to help him, Dan is sentenced to die in the electric chair. But in the death-chamber he absorbs three shocks which returns him to superhuman status. He escapes and goes after Rigas, after putting on a rubber suit to encase his electric energy.

A mad scientist turns a man into an electrically-controlled monster to do his bidding.

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