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While US & Europe enjoyed Snakes on a Plane, I’ve got a perfect birthday present – a release of a good movie. What makes good movie for me? Reality, some humor, some drama – and something that makes to think.Khottabych is a name of genie from old Soviet fantasy book. The hero of this film meets a genie as well: a nerdy geek who gets kicked by every girl he goes out with finally seems to have some good luck. Corrupt officers, gangsters, even Microsoft – Russia is crazy – only serve to add more hilarity. Main idea? Screw the laws, and enjoy the world. The world built by geeks. In our age of huge industrial giants, which value money over everything, emotionless is the disease. Khottabych shows that there is still some hope left. Hope that dreams of everyone will be fulfilled.Unfortunately, most of people probably won’t get all the humor. Don’t be afraid, you’ll still understand everything from a point of emotions. Yes, one of the best things about this movie is that screenplay authors and actors found the way to retrieve those emotions of casual nerd perfectly. Few have done this before. Maybe the life in graffiti-painted den with just a PC and bottle of beer ain’t THAT bad?

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Khottabych (2006) is Fantasy Adventure Comedy Genres film which released in 2006. Khottabych (2006) supported by Marius Jampolskis, Liva Kruminya, and Vladimir Tolokonnikov. This movie has 1h 32min duration and rating around 6.3 star from 1,157 movie experts. Not bad.

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Vladimir Tolokonnikov,Marius Jampolskis,Liva Kruminya
Director: Pyotr Tochilin
Writer: Sergey Klado

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