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Joe (1970) is Drama Thriller Genres film which released in 1970. Joe (1970) supported by Susan Sarandon, Peter Boyle, and Dennis Patrick. This movie has 1h 47min duration and good rating around 6.9 star from 2,065 movie mania. Very good!

Joe (1970) Short Storyline

Bill, a wealthy businessman, confronts his junkie daughter’s drug-dealing boyfriend; in the ensuing argument, Bill kills him. Panic-stricken, he wanders the streets and eventually stops at …

Actor Actress behind Joe (1970) Movie

Peter Boyle,Dennis Patrick,Susan Sarandon
Director: John G. Avildsen
Writer: Norman Wexler

Joe (1970) REVIEW

New Yorkers contemporaneous with this film will recall how reflective of its time it is and how well cast and crew captured America, New York City of that era.Norman Wexler’s script delineates the different worlds the various sub groupings live in and Avildsen’s direction brings out phenomenal performances all around. Peter Boyle’s prodigious talent is on display as never before nor since. Clearly it is the best character portrayal the always likable Dennis Patrick ever accomplished.What I will always remember about JOE is the feeling of having been in a virtual state of shock coming out of the theater. Knowing that what the screen portrayed was seething under the surface in neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs of the City of New York.This film needs to be remembered.

Joe (1970) PLOT STORY

Bill, a wealthy businessman, confronts his junkie daughter’s drug-dealing boyfriend; in the ensuing argument, Bill kills him. Panic-stricken, he wanders the streets and eventually stops at a bar. There he runs into a drunken factory worker named Joe, who hates hippies, blacks, and anyone who is “different”, and would like to kill one himself. The two start talking, and Bill reveals his secret to Joe. Complications ensue.

Joe was loosely based on a real event. In the movie, which takes place in New York, Bill’s daughter is living with a drug dealer. One day, she overdoses and her father goes to the drug dealer-boyfriend’s house to confront him. During the ensuing fight, he kills the drug dealer. Afterwards, he goes out and walks around, finally ending up at his neighborhood bar. Going in, he admits to the bartender, Joe, that he had just beat a man to death, then says he was just kidding. Later, watching the news, Joe and his wife see the story about the drug dealer being beaten to death and he makes the connection. Calling Bill up, he congratulates him for his act and they decide to meet for dinner with their wives. They find that they agree on a lot of things, especially how disgraceful hippies and drug dealers are and what a bane on Society they are. Meanwhile, Bill’s daughter leaves the hospital, and returning home unannounced, overhears her father talking about killing her boyfriend, and runs away. Later, Joe arranges for Bill and him to meet up with some hippies and party. During the party, the men steal the drugs that Bill and Joe brought, along with the dead drug-dealer’s wallet. Bill and Joe beat one of the girls present until she tells them that the men hang out at a commune upstate. With Joe providing rifles, the two men go to the commune.

WWII vet Joe Curran, who lives in Astoria with his wife Mary Lou Curran, is a working class bigot, the primary targets of his tirades being liberals, homos, blacks and hippies. Bill Compton, married to Joan Compton, is an upper middle class Madison Avenue ad executive, the two who live in an upscale apartment on Park Avenue. Joe and Bill’s lives intersect when Bill goes into a bar – one of Joe’s regular hangouts – to calm his nerves with a few drinks after he accidentally kills his junkie daughter Melissa Compton’s artist/junkie/dealer boyfriend Frank Russo in a fit of rage, that rage due to the fact that he blamed Frank for Melissa’s situation, she currently in the hospital going through withdrawal from a near overdose. Bill, who eventually only tells Joan about what he did to Frank, feels initial remorse and guilt. In a moment of weakness in front of the barflies including Joe who was going on one of his alcohol-fueled tirades at the time, Bill announces that he just did what Joe is talking about, namely kill “one of them”, which they are all able to laugh off as Bill ribbing Joe. When news of Frank’s unsolved murder hits the airwaves three days later, Joe knows that that was who Bill was talking about killing. Joe contacts Bill, who initially believes it is to blackmail him. However, Joe sees Bill as his hero, Bill doing something Joe had only talked about doing. Despite Bill’s uneasy feeling in associating with Joe, the two men begin a friendship as they discover that they have similar outlooks on life, despite expressing them in different ways due to their class differences. This friendship doesn’t sit well with Joan who believes Joe is the type of person who can easily snap and continue Bill’s legacy, and/or get even with Bill if Bill ever wrongs him.

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