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I can’t believe some of the negative comments about this film. If ever you want to get some enlightenment about what it is like to live in or near the occupied territories then you must see this film. It is a really powerful film that has a subtle,realistic and non-judgmental narrative. The film does not try to justify terrorism attacks (as another reviewer suggested) but rather gives an insight into how normal nice everyday people can -because of a combination and build up of horrendous circumstance – feel such hatred towards “the other side”. And when it seems like there is no future for themselves they are driven to commit acts of atrocity. The film doesn’t try to say this is OK – it simply provides an insight – that is both brutal and poignant – into how and why these horrible events can unfold.I thought the acting was brilliant. I felt a connection with all the lead characters. The actress playing the doctor was in most scenes and she did an amazing job and was very believable. The scene stealer was the young Arab boy who was a charmer and formed an odd bond with the Doctor. It is a film I can’t stop thinking about and in my mind that makes it a very special movie.

Inch’Allah (2012) Movie Data

Inch’Allah (2012) is Drama Genres film which released in 2012. Inch’Allah (2012) supported by Sivan Levy, Evelyne Brochu, and Sabrina Ouazani. This movie has 1h 42min duration and rating around 6.9 star from 2,128 movie experts. Not bad.

Inch’Allah (2012) Short Storyline

A Canadian doctor finds her sympathies sorely tested while working in the conflict ravaged Palestinian territories.

Actor Actress behind Inch’Allah (2012) Movie

Evelyne Brochu,Sabrina Ouazani,Sivan Levy
Director: Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette
Writer: Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette

Inch’Allah (2012) PLOT STORY

Chloe is a young Canadian doctor who divides her time between Ramallah, where she works with the Red Crescent, and Jerusalem, where she lives next door to her friend Ava, a young Israeli soldier. Increasingly sensitive to the conflict, Chloe goes daily through the checkpoint between the two cities to get to the refugee camp where she monitors the pregnancies of young women. As she becomes friends with Rand, one of her patients, Chloe learns more about life in the occupied territories and gets to spend some time with Rand’s family. Torn between the two sides of the conflict, Chloe tries as best she can to build bridges between her friends but suffers from remaining a perpetual foreigner to both sides. Following up her acclaimed debut-feature Le ring, filmmaker Anais Barbeau-Lavalette delivers with Inch’Allah the moving tale a young woman’s encounter with war and its everyday life. Avoiding any political agenda, Chloe’s story questions how one can internalize a foreign conflict without incurring any scars of their own.

A Canadian doctor finds her sympathies sorely tested while working in the conflict ravaged Palestinian territories.

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