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Yes, indeed, the acting is abominable and some of the characters are corny, and some of the takes take the speed out of the proceedings…. yes, this is all true, BUT:The handful of clues (hopefully not RED herrings) strewn throughout the movie gave me the hope that this one – at last – would be the dreamed SciFi movie to top all other movies in the field of such intriguing questions as: “Where does mankind come from?” And WHY? “are there others out there in the vast universe?” “Do we – both individually and as mankind – have a mission to complete, and – if so – what is it?” “will all questions mankind ever had be answered someday?”I would like to know more about Ice Planet and of course I have a burning question: “will this movie ever be followed up by a complete series?” If anyone knows more about it, please, answer.

Ice Planet (2001) Movie Data

Ice Planet (2001) is Sci-Fi Genres film which released in 2001. Ice Planet (2001) supported by Sab Shimono, James O’Shea, and Reiner Schöne. This movie has 1h 23min duration and rating around 4.0 star from 907 movie experts. Not bad.

Ice Planet (2001) Short Storyline

The end of our world is the beginning on another…

Actor Actress behind Ice Planet (2001) Movie

Reiner Schöne,Sab Shimono,James O’Shea
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: M.G. Conford

Ice Planet (2001) PLOT STORY

In the brief period of peace after a terrible war in a far future Earth, an outer-space military academy is attacked by an unknown and unstoppable alien force. The commander of the academy, along with a group of newly graduated cadets, escapes to a large research station. Pursued by the aliens, the station jumps through a mysterious hyperspace gateway that sends them to a planet in an unknown part of the universe. Where are they, and will they ever be able to return to Earth?

The end of our world is the beginning on another…

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