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Director Kanti Shah is a genius. He doesn’t belong with the mortals. His methods can be only compared to the likes of Quentin Tarantino. With that said, let me give you a fair idea about the movie.This movie is more complex than Donnie Darko. Apparently, the entire plot occurs in a parallel universe where via Space-time warps, anyone can commute between shipyard/dock, airport/runway, desert/construction site, etc. in split seconds. The viewer must be aware of the fact that the time progression of the parallel universe is quite different from this universe as suggested by the rapid moving events. It must be also mentioned that the Newtonian laws of physics that holds true in this universe cannot be applied elsewhere. I am no authority over Newtonian physics but I believe Kanti Shah wanted to tell us that there exists no inertial frame of reference.The acting is superb. In fact superb will be the understatement of the century. It is essentially the caliber of Mithunda that he’s brilliantly able to take this movie from being an average to being a good movie and it is the sheer effort by the villains that takes this movie from being good to being great.This review will remain incomplete and unjust if I don’t mention the hard work put by Mr. Bashir Babar. He, as a scriptwriter, is at the top of his game. It takes great guts to write a script with every other line rhyming. The last time I found one was by Satyajit Ray – Hirok Rajar Deshe(1980).The beauty of the movie lies in the fact that director Kanti Shah has not stated anything explicitly but stated things with explicit content. A movie on similar lines would be Loha (1997).This movie is a must-watch classic piece of art.

Gunda (1998) Movie Data

Gunda (1998) is Crime Action Comedy Genres film which released in 1998. Gunda (1998) supported by Verna Raj, Ishrat Ali, and Mithun Chakraborty. This movie has 2h 9min duration and rating around 7.7 star from 8,199 movie experts. Not bad.

Gunda (1998) Short Storyline

When a coolie’s family is murdered by a group of gangsters and politicians, he swears revenge on them.

Actor Actress behind Gunda (1998) Movie

Mithun Chakraborty,Verna Raj,Ishrat Ali
Director: Kanti Shah
Writer: Bashir Babar

Gunda (1998) PLOT STORY

The gangster Bulla (Mukesh Rishi) becomes the crime lord of Mumbai after killing his rival Lamboo Aata (Ishrat Ali). However, when his right hand man Kala Shetty (Rami Reddy) is arrested by police due to the intervention of a coolie and a good samaritan Shankar (Mithun Chakraborty), Bulla swears revenge. He manages to trap Shankar’s sister Geeta (Sapna) into a sham marriage with Gulshan (Gulshan Rana) who is a scamster working for the pimp Lucky Chikna (Razak Khan). Bulla’s younger brother Chutiya (Shakti Kapoor), who has long been impotent, becomes sex-crazed under the influence of London-imported pills provided by his loving elder brother and proceeds to brutally rape Geeta and ends up killing her. When Shankar’s policeman father is also killed by the corrupt Inspector Kale (Rana Jung Bahadur), Shankar swears that he will kill Bulla, Chutiya, their ally Potey (Mohan Joshi) and the rest of their entourage within ten days.

When a coolie’s family is murdered by a group of gangsters and politicians, he swears revenge on them.

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