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The “James Bond spoof” has been done so many times by now that it should be considered a genre by itself, and “Double Zero” has very little that’s fresh to offer. Do not think for a moment that because this is a French production it has any more sophistication or wit than, say, Leslie Nielsen’s “Spy Hard” – it doesn’t. It does have a glossy look and large-scale “megalomaniac villain” sets that recall those of such Bond films as “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Moonraker”, but nothing very funny happens inside them. The highlights are: 1) Plenty of fighting girls that I wanted to see more of (the fight on the beach is terrific), 2) A digitized horny rabbit (you’ll see), and 3) The villain’s uncanny resemblance to a younger version of Alan Rickman. (**)

French Spies (2004) Movie Data

French Spies (2004) is Comedy Action Adventure Genres film which released in 2004. French Spies (2004) supported by Ramzy Bedia, Edouard Baer, and Eric Judor. This movie has 1h 30min duration and rating around 3.9 star from 1,708 movie experts. Not bad.

French Spies (2004) Short Storyline

France sends you its two best agents…

Actor Actress behind French Spies (2004) Movie

Eric Judor,Ramzy Bedia,Edouard Baer
Director: Gérard Pirès
Writer: Alexandre Coquelle

French Spies (2004) PLOT STORY

Ben and Bill are the two worst, completely useless agents – real losers. But who else would you send on a super-difficult top-secret mission? The French have just sold a new high-power M51 rocket to the Russians for crazy money. Unfortunately for them, the rocket was hijacked before they could get it of their hands. However, not just any fool is up to neutralizing this threat, but only the craziest and most stupid of them can cope with such a task. An unforgettable voyage awaits them – from Paris to the fairytale Jamaica and right into the enemy’s lair! Nothing can stop these bunglers, not tanks, not ninjas and not even a team of top models! No, these guys have their own style, which seems to save the day…

France sends you its two best agents…

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