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The title of this film is dangerously misleading because the film might be thought to be pornographic, and many people who might otherwise find it interesting will not see it. (The contrary is also the case, that all the wrong people will want to watch it because they are titillated by the title. They will also react with violent antipathy, in the wake of their disappointment. The choice of title seems to have been a deliberate act of provocation.) The German title, translated, is ‘Fantasies of a Woman’, which is rather milder. The film is a feminist essay, and the title is intended to be ironical, the ‘female perversions’ referred to being those imposed upon women by a conventional male-dominated society, so that for instance being a housewife is regarded as one type of ‘female perversion’. It seems somehow natural that the wildly experimental Tilda Swinton would have to be in this film: indeed, how could she say no? How could such a film be made without her? She seems to be everywhere that people and films are pushing the envelope. As usual, she is breathtakingly brilliant. A surprising addition to the cast is Frances Fisher, who made such an impact as Angie, the red-headed waitress in the diner, in the intriguing television series ‘Strange Luck’ in 1995-6, at about this same time. Here she does some rather unnerving ‘exotic dance’ routines, which all goes to show something, I’m still trying to decide what, but whatever the reason for this is, she does it very well and one would think she had been a stripper or a showgirl all her life if one did not know she had instead been an actress. Tilda Swinton is electric here as a career gal who is so tense she might snap like a wire stretched too taut. She is about to be made a judge, God help us! (Many judges are crazy or weird anyway, but she would be more so than most, as the film makes all too clear.) Tilda Swinton portrays an extreme neurotic, and ‘looking good’ is essential to her, so she is always doing and re-doing her lipstick (an insecure woman’s last refuge). She is a control freak and insanely superstitious. For instance, if she cannot wear her white suit for an interview with the Governor of California (not Arnie, a fictional one) for a judgeship, because it is ‘lucky’, she falls apart. Her kleptomaniac sister sees to it that she cannot wear the suit to the interview. Things are pretty tense like this throughout, and there are many fantasy elements to this film written, produced, and directed by women with women for women. I don’t believe this film can really be excused by a ‘women searching for their identities’ justification, and if one approaches it earnestly from that angle (which may have been the earnest intention of the makers, for all I know), it is a failure which verges on parody sometimes, and has pretentious aspects. The merits of the film are different, and concern the intensity of portrayal and the mysterious depths of character revealed, especially of hidden or suppressed motivations. The lesbian aspects of the film are not central, but merely a part of the evolving self-realization of Tilda Swinton’s character. I am firmly convinced that men can never understand women and women can never understand men. I first came to realize this in my teens when the novelist Pearl Buck said to me that ‘men and women are completely different species and can never hope to understand one another’. That shocked me a lot, I never forgot it, and it has been repeatedly verified. I have now come to the conclusion that Nature has designed things this way. The imperative of Nature is the propagation of the species. If men and women understood each other, that would get in the way of propagation, and many fewer babies would be born. Consequently, evolutionary pressures have seen to it that this can never happen, in order to safeguard the future of the species. That is why men like myself who do not regard women as inferior beings (as many of my gender definitely do) are so intrigued by ‘the mystery of women’ and interested to see attempts to make films like this one where women contemplate women and try to understand themselves. It is true that there are no admirable characters on offer here, and that they are all pretty horrible people. Nevertheless, this film manages to be fascinating, although it is understandable that it would cause a lot of contradictory reactions, some of them violently opposed to it, and some admiring and appreciative. If we want films to punch us in the ribs instead of putting us to sleep, this one certainly qualifies. This is what is called ‘independent film making’, and long may it continue.

Female Perversions (1996) Movie Data

Female Perversions (1996) is Drama Thriller Genres film which released in 1996. Female Perversions (1996) supported by Karen Sillas, Tilda Swinton, and Amy Madigan. This movie has 1h 59min duration and rating around 5.5 star from 2,037 movie experts. Not bad.

Female Perversions (1996) Short Storyline

An ambitious female attorney wallows in excess and meaningless sex with both male and female partners, while dealing with her personal life problems including helping her kleptomaniac sister.

Actor Actress behind Female Perversions (1996) Movie

Tilda Swinton,Amy Madigan,Karen Sillas
Director: Susan Streitfeld
Writer: Louise J. Kaplan

Female Perversions (1996) PLOT STORY

Dresses, lipsticks, sex – the “perversions” (and neuroses) of Eve, a young, very successful lawyer. Her days are a tightrope act between extreme eloquence and frosty toughness on the one side, and scaring vulnerability on the other. The climax of her career shall be the possibly forthcoming appointment as a judge, but this step seems to be interrupted by her kleptomaniac sister Mad who is arrested after one of her raids. Eve travels to Mad’s town to stand by her in the jail. Their struggle about Mad’s illness evokes suppressed conflicts. Eve stays at her sister’s flat where she meets a girl who fights with her budding femininity.

An ambitious female attorney wallows in excess and meaningless sex with both male and female partners, while dealing with her personal life problems including helping her kleptomaniac sister.

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