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Extreme Prejudice (1987) Movie Data

Extreme Prejudice (1987) is Action Crime Drama Genres film which released in 1987. Extreme Prejudice (1987) supported by Michael Ironside, Nick Nolte, and Powers Boothe. This movie has 1h 44min duration and good rating around 6.6 star from 4,724 movie mania. Very good!

Extreme Prejudice (1987) Short Storyline

A Texas Ranger and a ruthless narcotics kingpin – they were childhood friends, now they are adversaries…

Actor Actress behind Extreme Prejudice (1987) Movie

Nick Nolte,Powers Boothe,Michael Ironside
Director: Walter Hill
Writer: John Milius

Extreme Prejudice (1987) REVIEW

Jack Benteen is a hard-edged Texas ranger, Cash is his boyhood friend who now lives across the border and works as a major drug smuggler bringing crime into Texas. The conflict between the two men is complicated further when a group of soldiers registered as killed in action arrive in the area and begin to involve themselves in the existing drug war.This is a good Walter Hill film that has plenty of good old fashioned western style action. The plot seems a little strange for most of the film because you’re not quite sure where it’s going. At the start you assume that the main focus of the film will be the relationship between Power Booth’s Cash and Nolte’s Benteen, but after 15 minutes the focus shifts onto the arrival of the army unit and stays split between them and Nolte. Because you’re not sure what the unit is doing in this situation it keeps your interest throughout. However this means that Boothe is sidelined for most of the film which is a shame.Both Boothe and Nolte are good, with Nolte doing his usual tough guy stuff. However the real pleasure comes from the depth of famous faces in the supporting cast. Maria Conchita Alonso is in a thankless role as the girlfriend torn between Cash and Benteen, Rip Torn is the local sheriff while the army unit includes many now well-known faces of Michael Ironside, Clancy Brown, William Forsythe and a small role for the always recognisable Tom “Tiny” Lister Jr.The action is good throughout despite being a little flat and without any great style. The “wild bunch” style ending is exciting if a little unlikely and is typical of Walter Hill.Overall a good modern day western with a strong cast, good plot and good action. It’s nothing out of the ordinary but it’s still entertaining decades after it was made.

Extreme Prejudice (1987) PLOT STORY

When they were kids Texas Ranger Jack Benteen used to be best friends with drug kingpin Cash Bailey. At present, however, the only element linking them together is Jack’s girlfriend Sarita, who used to be with Cash. She returns to Cash as a voluntary hostage to make certain that Jack keeps his hands off the drug lord’s operation. On top of that, there is a meticulously planned drug bust, in which both Jack and Cash butt heads with CIA-funded paramilitary Maj. Paul Hackett, following his own agenda.

A Texas Ranger and a ruthless narcotics kingpin – they were childhood friends, now they are adversaries…

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