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Just bought this on video to see Jan Michael Vincent’s part. What a fun movie this was! Urban decay as literal nightmare – huge ghetto apartment, graffiti everywhere, people out to kill you, gangs running rampant – this movie has it all! It captures ‘scary’ New York very well. I guess you might call it soft-core Blax-sploitation. The music is 80’s, but the sheer adrenaline this movie creates still registers today. Jan Michael Vincent has one of the best cameos you will ever see in a movie! He plays ‘Parker’, a whacked out, bubba-Vietnam vet in a wheelchair (still handsome, but crazed!) who tries to help a remarkably decent-acting Ray Parker Jr. (Yes, the very same Ghostbusters singer in his first acting role) and his white companion. JMV gives an electrifying performance! One wishes he could have had more screen time

Enemy Territory (1987) Movie Data

Enemy Territory (1987) is Action Crime Drama Genres film which released in 1987. Enemy Territory (1987) supported by Jan-Michael Vincent, Gary Frank, and Ray Parker Jr.. This movie has 1h 29min duration and rating around 6.5 star from 544 movie experts. Not bad.

Enemy Territory (1987) Short Storyline

An insurance salesman inadvertently gets trapped after dark in an apartment building that is terrorized by a street gang called “The Vampires.”

Actor Actress behind Enemy Territory (1987) Movie

Gary Frank,Ray Parker Jr.,Jan-Michael Vincent
Director: Peter Manoogian
Writer: Stuart Kaminsky

Enemy Territory (1987) PLOT STORY

Gary Frank, an ordinary, blue collared John Doe insurance salesman, is about to learn the hard way that there’re certain areas that are off-limits to all outsiders. One specific tower block Lincon, is just such a place; as it belongs to a hostile small army known as *the vampires*, who basically own it and oversee that no one who does not occupy a dwelling there, will live thought the night. He’s not fully aware of how much he shouldn’t be on their turf, that he doesn’t belong on their *property*. But it’s a simple tap on Decon a child gang member’s shoulder, that seals his fate as this act prompt’s The Count, their leader to come looking for reprisals from Gary. When a security guard tries to defuse the situation, he ends up dead and so does Decon, who Gary *violated* with his touch. Blamed for the Decon’s death by The Count, he’s now marked for death, along with anyone else who dares aid him. Stuck on the top floor, with no way down, he’s only means to escape or survive is telephone repair man, Jackson (who heard the fatal shots and Gary’s cries for help), wheel-chair bound paranoid Vietnam vet, Parker and elderly (but far from helpless) resident Elva Briggs and her teenage granddaughter, Toni, along with a kid in her care who can use a baseball bat better than any weapon. Stranded at their mercy in a place where even the cops won’t go, Gary must do what he can, before the *vampires* catch up to him…it’s going to be along hard night

An insurance salesman inadvertently gets trapped after dark in an apartment building that is terrorized by a street gang called “The Vampires.”

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