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‘Enduring Love’ manages to be grip the viewers attention right from the very beginning. We are given some wonderful shots of the beautiful British landscape at the centre of which there is couple on a picnic. However a hot-air balloon appears to be on the loose and what follows is a terrible accident that effects their lives. ‘Enduring Love’ is visually impressive mostly due to the excellent cinematography and the background score contributing to the scenes. Penhall’s writing is very good (sharp dialogues, unfolding events, well-defined characters) but in the middle it gets a bit slow-paced. The stalker subplot could have been done with less focus (that extra scene during the rolling credits wasn’t necessary and the film may have been stronger without it) as it was working better as a movie about Joe and his fragile relationship with Claire. The movie is pretty much character driven and it heavily relies on the performances. Fortunately, this is where ‘Enduring Love’ scores high. Daniel Craig breathes into a role that seems made for him. He portrays Joe’s guilt, confusion, patience and determination with amazing skill. Samantha Morton has less screen time but she is just as good while she gives a beautifully understated performance. Rhys Ifans springs a surprise in remarkably playing a homosexual stalker with Clerambault’s syndrome. Bill Nighy and Susan Lynch are adequate in their tiny roles. For me ‘Enduring Love’ has been a strange movie watching experience but as I thought more about it, I grew to understand and appreciate it more. It does have its flaws as mentioned earlier but it’s a good character study and visually interesting.

Enduring Love (2004) Movie Data

Enduring Love (2004) is Drama Mystery Romance Genres film which released in 2004. Enduring Love (2004) supported by Samantha Morton, Rhys Ifans, and Daniel Craig. This movie has 1h 40min duration and rating around 6.4 star from 8,967 movie experts. Not bad.

Enduring Love (2004) Short Storyline

Two strangers become dangerously close after witnessing a deadly accident.

Actor Actress behind Enduring Love (2004) Movie

Rhys Ifans,Daniel Craig,Samantha Morton
Director: Roger Michell
Writer: Ian McEwan

Enduring Love (2004) PLOT STORY

On a beautiful cloudless day a young couple celebrate their reunion with a picnic. Joe has planned a postcard-perfect afternoon in the English countryside with his partner, Claire. But as Joe and Claire prepare to open a bottle of champagne, their idyll comes to an abrupt end. A hot air balloon drifts into the field, obviously in trouble. The pilot catches his leg in the anchor rope, while the only passenger, a boy, is too scared to jump down. Joe and three other men rush to secure the basket. Just as they secure the balloon, the wind rushes into the field, and at once the rescuers are airborne. Joe manages to drop to the ground, as do most of his companions, but one man is lifted skywards. As Joe, Claire and the other rescuers watch this strangely beautiful sight, they see the man fall to his death. Recalling the day’s events at dinner with his friends Robin and Rachel, Joe reveals the impact the accident has had on his battered psyche. Ironically the balloon eventually lands safely, the boy unscathed. But fate has far more unpleasant things in store for Joe. Going to retrieve the body of the fallen man with fellow rescuer Jed Parry, for example, turns out to be a very bad move. Jed feels an instant connection with Joe–one that, as the weeks go by, becomes ever more intense.

Two strangers become dangerously close after witnessing a deadly accident.

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