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This was a really good raw, nasty, and detailed idea of how the west really was. It is very gritty. I was moved by it’s rawness. The characters were very believable. The gore was top notch. I don’t understand why some reviewers gave it low ratings. If you like straight up nasty real life westerns, this is it. Watch it and judge for yourself. Easily an 8 outta 10. Im a a serious movie buff and wouldn’t lie to you. It’s a good old fashioned revenge western. Very well directed and amazing cast. I really hated the bad guys passionately. Got some good plot twists in there too. At times, can’t tell who is good and who is bad. Watch it! But this ain’t for the faint hearted. Some brutal scenes, nudity, lotsa gore, racism, cursing, etc. Like I said, 8 outta 10. Awesome movie.

Edge (TV Movie 2015) Movie Data

Edge (TV Movie 2015) is Western Genres film which released in 2015. Edge (TV Movie 2015) supported by Yvonne Strahovski, Max Martini, and Ryan Kwanten. This movie has 1h 2min duration and rating around 6.3 star from 717 movie experts. Not bad.

Edge (TV Movie 2015) Short Storyline

A televised adaptation of the ‘Edge’ book series by George G. Gilman.

Actor Actress behind Edge (TV Movie 2015) Movie

Max Martini,Ryan Kwanten,Yvonne Strahovski
Director: Shane Black
Writer: Shane Black

Edge (TV Movie 2015) PLOT STORY

A televised adaptation of the ‘Edge’ book series by George G. Gilman.

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