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One of the great things about the French is their interest and promotion of THEORY. Sometimes when theory infiltrates Art in too direct a manner the results can be boring or pretentious. In the case of demonlover neither is the case yet the end product doesn’t measure up to its individual parts which are brilliant. Suffice it to say this is not a movie for the squeamish or for fans of the character building qualities of a life in business. What the film shows is how much of a construct modern identity is; how much it depends on role, on possessions, on our relationship to the pecking order of whatever tribe we find ourselves in. The film also suggests that the price we pay for hanging on to this fragile identity is nothing less than the seeds of our destruction – a doorway in fact to depression, madness and perversion. Lastly, the film is a devastating look at the way big media corporations hide their involvement in anti-social projects under the veneer of ‘just business’ or, if they went to the Harvard Business School, ‘shareholder value’. Its a rare thing to make an interesting movie with NO sympathetic characters but demonlover achieves this. Many complaints have been launched against the incoherent plot, but the fact is that the plot is not incoherent at all, it just lacks credibility which is a different matter altogether. But no matter: its still an interesting take on a very real set of contemporary circumstances. The performances are also quite compelling which suggests that no matter how dubious a character’s morality is, if she’s beautiful we (men, that is) will hang on her every word.

Demonlover (2002) Movie Data

Demonlover (2002) is Thriller Drama Mystery Genres film which released in 2002. Demonlover (2002) supported by Chloë Sevigny, Connie Nielsen, and Gina Gershon. This movie has 2h 9min duration and rating around 5.8 star from 3,920 movie experts. Not bad.

Demonlover (2002) Short Storyline

Two corporations compete for illicit 3D manga pornography, sending spies to infiltrate each other’s operations.

Actor Actress behind Demonlover (2002) Movie

Connie Nielsen,Gina Gershon,Chloë Sevigny
Director: Olivier Assayas
Writer: Olivier Assayas

Demonlover (2002) PLOT STORY

Diane works for a French firm bidding to purchase a Japanese animation outfit. Diane maliciously hatches a plot to take the job of her supervisor Karen. The plan succeeds, but then Diane faces problems when a competing American firm, represented by Elaine, becomes involved. Diane’s assistant Elise remains loyal to Karen, and she frustrates Diane’s every move. When it comes to light that the one of the concerned parties controls an Internet site which broadcasts actual torture, the plot thickens.

Two corporations compete for illicit 3D manga pornography, sending spies to infiltrate each other’s operations.

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