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I was hired as an extra and was waiting on the set for the day to start when Cohen called me over. “Hey kid – you an actor?” I thought, well that’s why I’m here, but he added “I mean can you do lines?” I said sure, and he handed me two pages and said “Learn this.” It was the Assistant District Attorney’s scene with Billy Dee William’s character

Deadly Illusion (1987) Movie Data

Deadly Illusion (1987) is Adventure Crime Mystery Genres film which released in 1987. Deadly Illusion (1987) supported by Morgan Fairchild, Billy Dee Williams, and Vanity. This movie has 1h 27min duration and rating around 4.7 star from 224 movie experts. Not bad.

Deadly Illusion (1987) Short Storyline

A detective is framed for a murder he didn’t commit.

Actor Actress behind Deadly Illusion (1987) Movie

Billy Dee Williams,Vanity,Morgan Fairchild
Director: Larry Cohen
Writer: Larry Cohen

Deadly Illusion (1987) PLOT STORY

A stranger pays Billy Dee Williams to kill his wife. But instead Billy, who is a Private Detective, tells the wife her husband tried to do. When she turns up dead anyway, Billy is suspected. Hopefully with the assistance of his secretary/girlfriend he can solve the case before the police catch up to him.

Hamberger is a charming popular local hardboiled fixer. Save for the cops, who don’t like smart-mouth competition, everyone likes him because he’s a peoples’ person and always takes care of the problem. If he had a license, he’d be a great P.I. He even has a theme song and a smart, gorgeous and loving girlfriend-assistant Rina. As for his office, any fine local diner will do. His latest accomplishment was saving a beautiful terrified hostage from a deadly armed crazy man in the Gun Bureau. But that was last week. Now Hamberger needs a new job. A gentlemanly businessman by the name of Alex Burton is his latest client. However, Hamberger is stunned when he hears what the job is. Burton wants him to kill his wife Sharon. Hamberger agrees even though he has no intention of actually completing the job. Instead, he takes the 25.000 dollars Burton gave him upfront and warns the lady of the house of her husband’s sinister plans. To his pleasant surprise, she turns out to be the very beautiful, seductive and grateful type, so he gives in to his ego and sleeps with her. In the morning, all he finds is a letter from her informing him that she took off for good along with his 25 grand and that he can tell her husband that she’s dead. Satisfied with another fine work, Hamberger goes home where Rina surprises him with a small celebration. That’s when the cops come in and arrest him for the murder of Sharon Burton. When Hamberger realizes that the dead woman is not the one he’s spent the night with, it becomes clear that he was chosen by someone to be the patsy and that both Alex and Sharon Burton he met are fakes. He explains the situation and convinces the cop on the case, Detective Paul Lefferts , who happens to be his old frenemy, to give him a chance to prove his innocence. Hamberger now must untangle this web of lies that involves dead beautiful women, slashers, special effect artists, drug lords, crooked businesspeople and gangsters, as well as make up with Rina. This is going to be the case of a lifetime.

A detective is framed for a murder he didn’t commit.

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