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What make Continuum different and interesting, isn’t the central plot to the show, it’s the characters and their motives. It’s a bit more nuanced than your typical good cops vs. bad guys.The show starts off in a distant but possible future where governments begin to fail to repay their debts and Corporations bail out the governments, to what extent we don’t know. You do learn that the government very close with these corporations, and that not everyone enjoys how the corporations are running things. A group of terrorists are constantly trying to disrupt the corporations and bring them down with any-means necessary, or so we are lead to believe, and this is where the show get’s interesting. The terrorist are really just terrorists, but rather they are revolutionaries that are trying to build an honest society without the corruption of the corporations.As the series unfolds. I like knowing that the core ‘good’ characters want the world to be a better place and are fighting for what is right, while the other characters each have their motives and their means. They each make their own decisions and don’t have simple ‘bad guy’ motives. In fact several times I found my self rooting for the revolutionaries because heck I don’t want a corrupt government in place, and some of the characters when given the option of fighting without violence opt for it.If you give this show a chance I think it’s one of the most compelling scifi shows out there. If you liked Caprica, or Battlestar Galactica you will like this show. The characters are very strong and compelling.

Continuum (TV Series 2012–2015) Movie Data

Continuum (TV Series 2012–2015) is Action Sci-Fi Thriller Genres film which released in . Continuum (TV Series 2012–2015) supported by Erik Knudsen, Rachel Nichols, and Victor Webster. This movie has 45min duration and rating around 7.7 star from 49,200 movie experts. Not bad.

Continuum (TV Series 2012–2015) Short Storyline

A detective from the year 2077 finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future.

Actor Actress behind Continuum (TV Series 2012–2015) Movie

Rachel Nichols,Victor Webster,Erik Knudsen
Director: Simon Barry
Writer: Rachel Nichols

Continuum (TV Series 2012–2015) PLOT STORY

Continuum takes time travel to a new level of unbelievable storytelling. You cannot miss one episode or you will be lost. The details involved with the continuum of the timeline are explicitly unmatched. This is not a show of good and bad or black and white. It’s up to you too decide who the antagonists and protagonists are. Nothing is definitive when time changes.

A detective from the year 2077 finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future.

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