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Great premise-promote Green Earth-Save the Planet NOW-…and two stellar actresses-Mira Sorvino and Dakota Johnson. Should me a winner.Then..once the plot/movie unfolds and the charming Dakota/Chloe appears, our interest is truly heightened…HOWEVER, after about 5-10 minutes, we are shocked to see and hear something that resembles a sophomoric production at your old high school! HOW could this movie have ever been made???? The scenes and dialogue are so very very very weak and cliché/ can hardly believe this is happening. Dakota and Mira both need better advisers/agents etc. and hopefully learn from this debacle-it matters what projects they sign up for. Dakota especially, will be hurt by this insult. She just came off a stunning career changer in 50 shades. Apparently she comes off the screen as her handlers direct her…….Fabulous.. or Forgotten. I can only hope from now on we will Remember..she is indeed-Fabulous.

Chloe and Theo (2015) Movie Data

Chloe and Theo (2015) is Comedy Drama Genres film which released in 2015. Chloe and Theo (2015) supported by Ashley Springer, Theo Ikummaq, and Dakota Johnson. This movie has 1h 21min duration and rating around 5.9 star from 1,185 movie experts. Not bad.

Chloe and Theo (2015) Short Storyline

From the northern ice comes a gentler kind of hero.

Actor Actress behind Chloe and Theo (2015) Movie

Theo Ikummaq,Dakota Johnson,Ashley Springer
Director: Ezna Sands
Writer: Ezna Sands

Chloe and Theo (2015) PLOT STORY

Theo, an Inuit from the Arctic, travels to New York City to warn world leaders about the catastrophic impact of global warming on the planet. Upon arrival he meets a homeless girl named Chloe, who has an unusual vigor for life, is mildly delusional, and completely obsessed by Bruce Lee. Together, they will save the world.

Theo, an Inuit living a traditional aboriginal life in the Arctic, is sent by his community elders to the south, specifically New York City, to speak to “their” elders to warn them of the impending damage to humanity of climate change. As Theo wanders around the city not knowing quite where to go to carry out his mission, he is spotted by Chloe, a young street woman who can see that he is a fish out of water. She takes him under her wing as she does with many “strays” as her friends call them. Theo and Chloe find that they have to get a grasp on the differences in their vernacular to understand each other. Chloe also introduces him to some of her friends, some who join them on their mission, if only for their own benefit. But as Theo, Chloe and her friends truly begin to know each other and how each can help the other, the New Yorkers may get a better appreciation for Theo’s global message. However, as street people, Chloe and her friends are also seen as being outsiders to the upper echelons of power and authority, and thus may not be as much help as they would like in Theo’s mission.

From the northern ice comes a gentler kind of hero.

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