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Not meant to be the next “great” horror film, but does deliver on gore, shtick and humor. Reggie and the rest of the cast do a decent job of bringing out a somewhat “Evil Dead” kind of horror/humor film, and the director does an excellent job a creating a fast paced, fun movie. My only complaint about “Cemetary Gates” would be the “monster”, in closeups it is pretty good, when you see it full figure galloping through the woods it was really bad. If you like horror for being horror this is a great movie to kick back and enjoy with a cold beer and pizza. If you want a horror movie that would qualify for an Academy Award, then you are not really interested in a real horror film… are you? Take a chance and see it, it is worth a viewing and at the very least you will be entertained for a while, while seeing one of the funniest horror/humor moments in recent memory (Howard Berger sees the monster in cartoon form thanks to being whacked on peyote- classic stuff here folks)

Cemetery Gates (2006) Movie Data

Cemetery Gates (2006) is Sci-Fi Horror Action Genres film which released in 2006. Cemetery Gates (2006) supported by Peter Stickles, Aime Wolf, and Reggie Bannister. This movie has 1h 32min duration and rating around 3.5 star from 946 movie experts. Not bad.

Cemetery Gates (2006) Short Storyline

A genetically mutated Tasmanian Devil is “liberated” by two eco-activists and set loose in a woodland cemetery.

Actor Actress behind Cemetery Gates (2006) Movie

Reggie Bannister,Peter Stickles,Aime Wolf
Director: Roy Knyrim
Writer: Pat Coburn

Cemetery Gates (2006) PLOT STORY

When two ecologists break-in the laboratory of Dr. Belmont, they find a box with a subject and they decide to set the experiment free in the woods. During the transportation, the box opens and releases the mutant Tasmanian Devil that devours the two activists and escapes to the woods. Meanwhile, Dr. Belmont’s son Hunter travels in a van with four friends to film a horror movie in the cemetery in the woods, while Belmont and his associate Dr. Christine Kollar seek their deadly experiment called Precious.

A genetically mutated Tasmanian Devil is “liberated” by two eco-activists and set loose in a woodland cemetery.

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