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Body of Evidence (1993) Movie Data

Body of Evidence (1993) is Drama Thriller Genres film which released in 1993. Body of Evidence (1993) supported by Joe Mantegna, Madonna, and Willem Dafoe. This movie has 1h 39min duration and good rating around 4.3 star from 11,748 movie mania. Very good!

Body of Evidence (1993) Short Storyline

A lawyer defends a woman accused of killing her older lover by having sex with him.

Actor Actress behind Body of Evidence (1993) Movie

Madonna,Willem Dafoe,Joe Mantegna
Director: Uli Edel
Writer: Brad Mirman

Body of Evidence (1993) REVIEW

Beautifully filmed, Madonna never looked better. This campy thriller gave Madonna fans some of her most famous lines–“Men Lie”, “Have you ever seen animals make love”, That’s what I do, I”, and a few others. Her clothes are incredible and Julianne Moore is very pretty too. Now, the problem lies not so much within Madonna’s acting but timing…the film was released 3 months after her SEX book pictorial was released. The public just didn’t know what to think, and I do think her constant blinking of the eyes can become very irritating. The sex scene in the parking garage is beautifully filmed and Madonna does kick some butt in the sex scene department. If you think about Sharon Stone’s icy performance in Basic Instinct and Madonna’s in this–they’re really about the same. But a major Madonna backlash had begun by the time this film was released and was labeled a turkey. As a Madonna fan, I LOVE IT–as a regular viewer, ITS PRETTY GOOD. No, I can’t lie– I love it! Sorry, I really do! Campy and fun! NOT to be taken seriously!

Body of Evidence (1993) PLOT STORY

A millionaire is found dead of heart failure handcuffed to the bed with a home video tape of him and his lover. When cocaine is found in his system, and his will leaves $8 million to his lover, they arrest her on suspicion of murder. Her lawyer succumbs to her charms, and he begins a torrid and kinky affair with her. As new evidence turns up during trial, he begins to wonder if he’s defending a murderer.

Elderly Andrew Marsh is found dead in his bed in what looks to be murder, as a non drug using Andrew was found with cocaine in his system, which exacerbated the medical issues surrounding his heart condition. Rebecca Carlson, Andrew’s much younger girlfriend, is on top of the suspect list. She hires a lawyer, Frank Dulaney, before she is even questioned or charged by the police. But she is eventually charged. Key to the case is motive, with Rebecca standing to inherit Andrew’s $8 million fortune (which she states she being named his primary beneficiary she knew nothing about). The case also stands on Rebecca and seemingly Andrew’s “aggressive” sexual behavior, which included BDSM, with most believing that Rebecca was trying to “screw” him to death. This brings into question Rebecca’s past relationships, as well as the behavior of those around Andrew, such as his personal secretary Joanne Braslow, who would like to see Rebecca convicted more than anything. As Frank begins to work on the case, he gets lured into Rebecca’s seduction and the thought of entering into the world of BDSM with her, despite he being happily married. This personal relationship with his client provides additional motivation to help her get acquitted, which he feels is his job anyway despite her guilt or innocence.

A lawyer defends a woman accused of killing her older lover by having sex with him.

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