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Blue Thunder (1983) Movie Data

Blue Thunder (1983) is Action Crime Drama Genres film which released in 1983. Blue Thunder (1983) supported by Candy Clark, Roy Scheider, and Warren Oates. This movie has 1h 49min duration and good rating around 6.3 star from 13,085 movie mania. Very good!

Blue Thunder (1983) Short Storyline

The cop test pilot for an experimental police helicopter learns the sinister implications of the new vehicle.

Actor Actress behind Blue Thunder (1983) Movie

Roy Scheider,Warren Oates,Candy Clark
Director: John Badham
Writer: Dan O’Bannon

Blue Thunder (1983) REVIEW

Having now worked on an attack helicopter program, I was interested inseeing “Blue Thunder.” I skipped it on its first release. Good thing. “Blue Thunder” is more timely than ever, what with federal abuse ofpower with massacres and attempted massacres in Philadelphia (MOVE incident, Ruby Ridge and Waco. Structurally, the film is a mess, taking a fair amount of time introducing us to “Blue Thunder” an “antiriot” (now call “antiterrorist”) helicopter better equipped for mass murder than crowd control. Roy Scheider plays Murphy, a former Vietnam helicopter pilot haunted by his memories of ‘Nam (this gimmick was getting tiring in 1983). Murphy finds himself the target of a “government conspiracy” when he “gets too close” for the REAL intentions of “Blue Thunder.”Reels of film must have been left on the cutting room floor. Certainly Candy Clark and Warren Oates shine in “nothing” roles, their “real” relationships to Scheider remaining pretty obscure. Malcolm McDowell makes an excellent villain, though his “real” relationship with Scheider doesn’t pay off).HOWEVER, when “Blue Thunder” works, it really rocks. See it.

Blue Thunder (1983) PLOT STORY

Blue Thunder is a specially modified helicopter. It is for police work, but is armed and designed to counter street insurgencies. Its makers want to show what it will do, but have to train Los Angeles Police pilot Frank Murphy to fly and use it in order to allow it to operate in the city. Murphy and the project pilot have differences going back to Vietnam. The conflict between them continues to heat up as Murphy begins to suspect that Blue Thunder is more than has been disclosed.

Frank Murphy, of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Police’s helicopter division (ASTRO), and newcomer Richard Lymangood on his first patrol, help take down the perpetrators of what appears to be a robbery and attempted rape of a city councilwoman. They are little aware of the much larger and more sinister plot behind the attack, much less that they will soon find themselves right in the middle of it. Murphy (Roy Scheider) and Lymangood (Daniel Stern) then learn that they have been selected to test a new, state-of-the-art, high-performance helicopter with cutting-edge surveillance capabilities–Blue Thunder. Disconcertingly, unlike other police aircraft, Blue Thunder is also equipped with powerful weaponry. When Murphy is introduced to the lead pilot for the program he finds that it is an old nemesis from his tours in Vietnam, Col. Cochrane (Malcolm McDowell), who is none too pleased to learn who has been selected for the test. Soon Murphy and Lymangood, via the helicopter’s information system, discover disquieting hints that there may be much bigger and less honorable plans for the ‘copter than they’ve been told, leading them to defy orders and seek more information on their own. It is now up to them, with the help of Murphy’s spirited wife, Kate, to blow the lid off the plot and expose the villainy within.

The cop test pilot for an experimental police helicopter learns the sinister implications of the new vehicle.

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