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The Coen Brothers first commercial film tells a noirish tale of murder, double-cross, and betrayal in small town America. A greasy small-town Texas saloon owner discovers his wife is having an affair with one of his bartenders. He hires the private detective that documented the affair to kill the couple. But the PI has different plans, and then everything starts going wrong, very wrong. The acting is great especially M. Emmett Walsh as the double-crossing PI. The direction and camera work presage the Coens subsequent work.This movie is a treat of a rental if you can find it. It’s worth looking for.

Blood Simple. (1984) Movie Data

Blood Simple. (1984) is Crime Drama Thriller Genres film which released in 1984. Blood Simple. (1984) supported by Dan Hedaya, John Getz, and Frances McDormand. This movie has 1h 39min duration and rating around 7.7 star from 70,597 movie experts. Not bad.

Blood Simple. (1984) Short Storyline

A rich but jealous man hires a private investigator to kill his cheating wife and her new man. But, when blood is involved, nothing is simple.

Actor Actress behind Blood Simple. (1984) Movie

John Getz,Frances McDormand,Dan Hedaya
Director: Joel Coen
Writer: Joel Coen

Blood Simple. (1984) PLOT STORY

Texas bar owner Julian Marty, who is generally regarded as not a nice person, hires shady private detective Loren Visser, who is able to obtain what Marty requests: evidence – in this instance, photographic – that his wife, Abby, and one of his bartenders, Ray, are having an affair. As Ray and Abby realize that Marty has found out about them, it allows them to plan for their future away from Marty, while be up front with Marty about the situation. Marty, in turn, decides to hire Visser once again, this time to kill Abby and Ray, and dispose of their bodies so that they won’t be found. The out in the open affair and the contract hit lead to some actions based on self interest, and a standoff of sorts between the four players, which is compounded in complexity by some wrong assumptions of what has happened, with an innocent bystander, another of the Marty’s bartenders, Meurice, potentially and unwittingly adding to the scenario.

A bar-owner in Texas is certain that his wife is cheating on him and hires a private detective to spy on her. This is just the beginning of a complex plot which is full of misunderstandings and deceit. Ethan and Joel Cohen’s first feature film.

Abby is cheating on her saloonkeeper husband, Marty. The object of her affections is Ray, one of Marty’s bartenders. Marty hires Visser, an unscrupulous detective, to kill them. But Visser has other, more lucrative plans of his own. So begins a calculating round of double and triple crosses that build to a bloodcurdling, surprise-filled climax.

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