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How big is the small independent movie “Big Fan”? Well if you are a fervent football fan, then to certain extents you will relate to the film’s protagonist Paul Aufiero; a die hard New York Giants fan whose life revolves around following the pigskin team and one of its star players Linebacker Quantrell Bishop. If you are not a football aficionado, then my daring prediction is that you will still be taken by its narrative’s character study on obsession as a way of life. So “Big Fan” did not make big bucks at the box office. So what! It still sacked plenty of dynamic film-making richness in Writer-Director Robert Siegel’s brilliant look on one man’s fixation for his favorite football team. Patton Oswalt’s marvelous performance as Aufiero was of thespian Pro Bowl caliber. Oswalt fired away… sorry maybe wrong choice of words for JFK Stadium Philly fans. What I meant to say is that Oswalt scores high with his portrayal of a sports nut who spends most of his working day as a park attendant writing discourse for his ritual nightly call-in to a sports radio talk show. Aufiero, near 40, still lives with his whining mother. His injury attorney brother Jeff, Jeff’s archetypical New York attorney wife Gina, and Paul’s other sibling Christine think that Paul is an immature “get a life” slacker whose New York Giants worship has caused him brain damage. Even though Paul’s family is not on the “They Might Be Giants” team, they still love him and what him to flourish professionally & personally. The plot of “Big Fan” takes a stalking play-call turn when Auferio follows the Bishop to a Strip Club (somehow that does not sound right) and the Linebacker does an off-the-field “unsportsmanlike penalty” play by beating the crapola out of Paul. However, the deranged Aufiero does not intercept Bishop’s playing career by pressing charges against the millionaire footballista. Kevin Corrigan’s exceptional performance as Paul’s Giants-Loving best buddy Sal well complimented Oswalt’s Aufiero. This rocking “They Are Most Certainly Giants” duo were a big hit during their shared screen time. Michael Rapaport flew like an eagle in his brief scene-stealing supporting performance as the obnoxious Philadelphia Eagles fan Phil, which in some odd way could be classified as the villain of “Big Fan”. Other supporting performances that tailgated the aforementioned fine acting of the film was carried by Marcia Jean Kurtz as Paul’s Mom, Gino Cafarelli as brother Jeff, and Serafina Fiore as Gina. Siegel’s game plan on the writing & direction of “Big Fan” was fantastic with its authenticity, creativity, and connectivity. And what an original trick plot play does Siegel call during the 4th Quarter of this movie! You just gotta see it! But at the end of the game, it was General Patton Oswalt’s mesmeric starring performance that enamored me the most to be a big fan of “Big Fan”. ***** Excellent

Big Fan (2009) Movie Data

Big Fan (2009) is Drama Comedy Crime Genres film which released in 2009. Big Fan (2009) supported by Kevin Corrigan, Michael Rapaport, and Patton Oswalt. This movie has 1h 28min duration and rating around 6.7 star from 8,167 movie experts. Not bad.

Big Fan (2009) Short Storyline

A hard-core New York Giants fan struggles to deal with the consequences when he is beaten up by his favorite player.

Actor Actress behind Big Fan (2009) Movie

Patton Oswalt,Kevin Corrigan,Michael Rapaport
Director: Robert D. Siegel
Writer: Robert D. Siegel

Big Fan (2009) PLOT STORY

Paul Aufiero, a hardcore New York Giants football fan, struggles to deal with the consequences when he is beaten up by his favorite player.

To most who know him or even merely see him in his life, thirty-six year old Paul Aufiero is a sad sack of a man. He still lives at home on Staten Island with his mother who basically supports him, he works a dead end job as a parking garage attendant, and as his mother states his only ever girlfriend has been his overworked hand. But Paul staunchly defends his life to others who rail against or try to help him, especially in being what he considers the biggest New York Giants fan there is. He and his only true friend Sal attend every home game – although only as tailgaters who watch the game on a battery powered TV in the stadium parking lot while the other tailgaters have tickets to see the game live inside the stadium – and he spends most of his time writing what he will ultimately say on Sport Dogg’s post-game call-in radio show as well-known fan caller “Paul from Staten Island”, making his fan ravings sound as unscripted as possible. Most of those ravings are against his Philadelphia caller counterpart “Philadelphia Phil”‘s anti-Giants ravings, especially as the Giants and Eagles battle for the division title. Paul and Sal believe they’ve died and gone to heaven when they spot their favorite Giant, quarterback Quantrell Bishop, a five-time Pro Bowler, out one evening. The elation of the night to this point changes after they finally decide to approach Bishop. That encounter may make Paul reevaluate his devotion to the Giants – whose seemingly easy march to the post-season has now become a little more difficult – and by association everything that he has held true to his heart his entire life.

A hard-core New York Giants fan struggles to deal with the consequences when he is beaten up by his favorite player.

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