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For what it’s worth ‘Bad Education’ is quite the funny sitcom, as are many of Britain’s comedies. At first glance one might be reminded of ‘Skins’, and although you will not find remotely the sort of ‘character development’ that Skins has, you will find a ton more laughs.Put very simply the show is about an incredibly immature teacher and his class of diverse (albeit stereotypical) children. Bad Teacher manages to merge forced humour with fresh content in a way in which both, almost always cause laughs. Though at times afterwards you may find yourself questioning if something actually really was ‘funny’, as sadly at times the show does seem to slow down (or run a bit dry) which can give you time to question some things.In addition, one may describe the show as ‘so bad that it’s good’, which is also a very valid stance one can take as ‘Bad Education’ doesn’t try very hard to be very ‘good’. This isn’t to say that the show is bad at all, it’s just very aware of it’s limits and scope of audience and humour. Much of the roles have been done many times before, for example the ’embarrassingly stupid principal/boss’ could be attributed to ‘The Office’ and also to ‘Skins’.Even as an Australian, and native English speaker, I found some of the dialogue hard to follow. I couldn’t put my finger on if it was accents or the speed at which some of the lines were spoken or a lack of vocal clarity or a mixture of the aforementioned. Though a quick search for subtitles yielded immediate results and I then found this a non-issue.All in all, without spoiling an otherwise very obvious plot, ‘Bad Education’ is a very well done comedy that will have you at times questioning why you laughed and what is going on. Though I personally found it for what it is, very funny and much of the content (that wasn’t trying to be forcibly hilarious), was very entertaining.Perhaps the only ‘issue’ I have with the comedy is the fact that the lead role of teacher ‘Alfie Wicker’ played by Jack Whitehall, has many scenes of him seeming to stare right past the person he’s talking to. Ergo. in some scenes his facial expressions give the impression of him not remotely making eye contact, and instead staring blankly off picture. It’s something very hard to explain in words and looks very unnatural, but if you watch the show you will understand what I mean.I give the show a 7 or reluctant 7.5 out of 10. Don’t expect the show to last longer than its 2 seasons, but do enjoy it for what there is. It’s been good enough to cause me to come out of months of hiding and write an IMDb review.

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Bad Education (TV Series 2012– ) is Comedy Genres film which released in . Bad Education (TV Series 2012– ) supported by Ethan Lawrence, Jack Binstead, and Mathew Horne. This movie has 30min duration and rating around 7.5 star from 5,937 movie experts. Not bad.

Bad Education (TV Series 2012– ) Short Storyline

A comedy series about a teacher who is a bigger kid than the kids he teaches.

Actor Actress behind Bad Education (TV Series 2012– ) Movie

Jack Binstead,Mathew Horne,Ethan Lawrence
Director: Jack Binstead
Writer: Tiger Aspect Productions

Bad Education (TV Series 2012– ) PLOT STORY

A comedy series about a teacher who is a bigger kid than the kids he teaches.

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